The Spectrum Cable Class Action Lawsuit

The Spectrum Cable Class Action Lawsuit is one of the most exciting and comprehensive cases that has ever been filed in United States. The suit was brought forward by subscribers to Spectrum TV, who had experienced being ripped off by the company. They had paid their monthly subscription and were not made aware that the deal they had signed with the company included a massive refundable tax amount which would be charged at the end of every month. This outrageous clause was never mentioned to the customer at the time of signing the contract.

Subscribers claimed that they were notified of the refundable tax amount on receipt of their monthly bill. What happened next is beyond belief. Subscribers did not have to worry about the enormous tax bill anymore. However, the same thing could not be said about the refundable balance which they would have to pay at the end of every month.

The Spectrum Cable Class Action Lawsuit was eventually ruled in favor of the subscribers. There was thus a significant amount of money that went unused by the company. Subscribers now have the right to pursue the case and receive what they are entitled to. They could receive monetary compensation for the mental and physical trauma as well as any other damages that could be awarded.

The Spectrum Cable Class Action Lawsuit is actually one of the largest television related lawsuits in history. The case itself was quite long and involved a lot of twists and turns. It was finally decided that the company had deliberately and wrongfully defrauded the subscribers of their rightful benefits. They were found to have engaged in predatory pricing practices by forcing them to subscribe to a very high per-channel price for their service. In addition, they had also used sham wholesale channels and did not supply them with similar programming for a lower price.

This case had caused a furore on the American television industry. Many people were of the opinion that they would not experience any negative consequences from the ruling. However, they soon learned that such was not the case. Such was the strength of the testimony provided by the attorneys who handled the proceedings.

Ultimately, it was decided that Spectrum should pay out damages to ensure that no further damages would be reaped by their subscribers. This would make everyone happy because there would be no more defaulters in the future. The damages also served as a warning to other companies that would attempt to defraud customers in a similar way. Furthermore, it would encourage other television service providers to provide better services to their subscribers. This would ensure that everyone wins in this deal.

  1. My bill was recently jacked up by over $30 .. now pay close to $300 a month for all of their crappy services .. phone goes out if it rains, snows and even when the sun is out – get cut off during conversations on a regular basis … internet goes out periodically / was off for 2 days a week ago … cable goes out on a daily basis –

  2. How about when services terminated and spectrum continued to bill this is stealing but their response is “we do not pro-rate” how can you bill for services that was terminated.

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