The Office of the Attorney General and Deputy Attorney General

The Office of the Attorney General (AG) is a cabinet-level position in the United States government. The AG oversees federal law enforcement and prosecutes crimes. The Deputy Attorney General (ODAG) is responsible for the office’s public relations efforts. The Deputy Attorney General reports to the AG and is accountable to the President for federal law enforcement. Listed below are some of the responsibilities of the Deputy Attorney General (ODAG).


The Office of the Deputy Attorney General (ODAG) is the second-ranking official in the department and serves as its Chief Operating Officer. The Deputy Attorney General directs 24 other components, while the Associate Attorney General oversees 13 more. The ODAG decides a wide range of legal issues, including criminal prosecution, immigration, and immigration enforcement. The ODAG also advises the Attorney General on policy matters and certifies the cost-effectiveness of Department investments in IT.

Office of the Deputy Attorney General (OASG)

The Office of the Deputy Attorney General (OADG) oversees several federal agencies, including the Bureau of Justice Statistics. Before joining the Department of Justice, Maureen McLaughlin worked as an intern for President Clinton’s presidential management office. She served in several capacities at BJS, including as a deputy director. In addition, she sits on numerous federal task forces and working groups.

In addition to his work as Deputy Attorney General, Judge Dorfman has also served as a judge. During his 26 years of experience, he worked in private practice as a business litigation attorney. He was named a Southern California “Super Lawyer” and represented Fortune 500 companies. He earned a J.D. from the University of Virginia and graduated from Pepperdine University. His previous roles include directing the legal teams of several oil and gas drilling contractors around the world.

Office of the Attorney General (AG)

The Office of the Attorney General (AG) is an executive branch agency within the United States Justice Department. The AG oversees criminal and civil litigation, and represents the president of the United States. Previously, the AG was a judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. Merrick Garland is the 86th attorney general and has served since March 2021. His appointment came after years of experience as a federal circuit judge.

The AG’s office protects the rights of individuals in Illinois by performing criminal investigations, apprehensions, and digital forensics investigations. It also oversees the Medicaid Fraud Control Unit, which investigates health care facilities and providers for illegal activity. It also works with local authorities on prosecutions. As part of the AG’s job, the AG also serves the interests of victims of crime by providing direct compensation, facilitating victim assistance, and providing grants for nonprofit organizations that offer services to people who have been victimized by criminal activity.

Deputy Attorney General

A Deputy Attorney General is the second-highest official in the department of law and justice. Different government departments around the world, hold the same position. In the United States, the Deputy Attorney General is responsible for prosecuting federal crimes. The Deputy Attorney General’s job entails extensive travel to various jurisdictions. Aside from his position in the Justice Department, he also serves in various international governments. Listed below are some of the duties of the Deputy Attorney General.

Deputy Attorney Generals also advise or appear before most state boards and commissions. The job requires them to review and interpret legal documents and provide legal advice to state officials. They represent the State in legal proceedings, which may involve federal and local laws. There are many ways in which a Deputy Attorney General can apply these skills. The Department of Justice has a manual for aspiring attorneys general and an online version of President’s Day.

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