The District Attorney of St Charles Parish Is Making a Good Salary

While you may be wondering if St. Charles Parish’s District Attorney is making a good salary, you may also be interested in the district attorney’s record, the salary of his daughter, and any other controversies surrounding his office. After all, the office has been accused of illegal activities, including ticket diversion programs. And even though his daughter is a former judge, the salary of his office has risen considerably.

st Charles parish district attorney salary vs st Charles parish district attorney salary

The average salary for St. Charles Parish Government employees is $188,235, according to Payscale. This amount is based on the salary of employees working in the HAHNVILLE, LA headquarters. Salaries for similar positions may vary from one location to another. This salary is subject to change depending on experience, education, and other factors. For more information, read on. We’ve broken down the salary of each position for you to better understand how much you can expect to earn in this position.

st Charles parish district attorney’s daughter is a former judge

A former prosecutor in a Louisiana parish faces an obstruction of justice charge. A federal bill of information states that former district attorney Harry Morel, who served for more than 30 years, intentionally interfered with an investigation and prevented federal agents from doing their jobs. His daughter, who is also a former judge, is accused of helping her father commit crimes. It’s unclear what her role in the crimes was.

A court filing last week by a judge who has recused herself from the case has shocked the district attorney of St. Charles Parish. The document reveals the name and address of the juvenile victim. Chaisson says he is “extremely disappointed.”

st Charles parish district attorney’s office has been charged with unlawful activities

A former prosecutor for the St. Charles Parish District Attorney’s Office, Harry Morel, has been charged with obstruction of justice. The charge, included in a federal bill of information, states that Morel, who retired from the office in 2012, purposely hampered, harassed, or prevented a federal investigation. The investigation was started a year after Morel retired.

During the investigation, the FBI showed the St. Charles Parish district attorney the 911 call Morel made in which he allegedly asked to help a woman with a traffic ticket. After the incident, Morel allegedly grabbed the woman’s breast and kissed her. The woman allegedly heard someone nearby and then saw Morel drive away in a white Pontiac Grand Prix.

The DA’s Office has wide discretion to negotiate with the defense attorney to resolve the case. A plea bargain occurs when the state agrees to charge a defendant with a lesser crime or waive a trial in exchange for a lower sentence. The District Attorney must present the plea agreement to the judge, who then reviews the new charges with the defendant. The District Attorney’s Office is a state agency that prosecutes crimes against the state and local laws.

st Charles parish district attorney’s office generated $4.4 million from the ticket diversion program

The District Attorney’s office of St. Charles Parish has generated nearly $4 million in profits through a ticket diversion program, according to a new report. However, the study reveals that prosecutors are steering more cases into these programs, even though these programs do not reduce the overall crime rate. According to the report, four prosecutors are named as defendants in the study, including the district attorney of the 18th Judicial District, which includes the Iberville, Pointe Coupee, and West Baton Rouge parishes.

The complaint filed by the Southern Poverty Law Center is “riddled with errors” and false about the program’s finances. While the program generates revenue for the district attorney’s office, the money collected is far less than the office spends running it. The money raised through the ticket diversion program barely covers the expenses of running it, and the surplus is not used for other office functions.

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