Seroquel Lawsuit 2021

If you or someone you know has been harmed due to Seroquel, there is a lawsuit and settlement available that could be right for you. Seroquel is the generic name for the drug Suboxone. It is used to treat heroin and other opiate addictions. This medication is an opioid and has been associated with a number of serious side effects including respiratory failure, coma, fatal overdose, involuntary muscular contractions, liver damage, cardiac arrhythmia, nervous tics, tremors and personality changes. It is very powerful and when taken by an addict it becomes habit forming.

Seroquel lawsuit can be filed by any individual who has been in an adverse Seroquel experience. This is a direct action brought against the manufacturer, the supplier, the pharmaceutical company and the medical supplier. These people are attempting to hold the companies responsible for their actions. The suit does not involve drug-related lawsuits. The claim here is to hold the drug manufacturers and suppliers liable for negligence.

There is no need for any professional to give you a second opinion. All the evidence that is available is sufficient in this regard. You should note that the courts are extremely reluctant to allow any kind of medical claims to be brought against drug manufacturers. There have been many cases where patients have made great claims but were either forced to accept a lower amount or had their claims thrown out due to lack of evidence or jurisdiction.

When you contact an attorney, he will put you through a process of evaluating your case. He will then ask some questions relating to your medical history, the cause of your injuries, the period you suffered the injuries, and other injuries, any existing medications, personal data etc. Once all this information is provided the attorney will prepare the lawsuit for you. This normally takes about a month. The lawsuit will be filed in the Federal Court.

Your lawyer will request that you remain calm and composed during the proceedings. This is important as you have to remain in the right frame of mind. Do not get emotional or excited about the case. You can attend counseling with the attorney. There are many attorneys who specialize in Seroquel and other similar drugs. The attorney will make sure to choose one that is familiar with the issues that you face.

If you decide to pursue the lawsuit, you will be informed of the date on which the lawsuit will be filed. The date cannot be changed unless both parties agree. If one of you backs out of the settlement, the date of the lawsuit will still be filed. In the event of a settlement, the settlement money has to be paid within a short time frame. This means that it will be a matter of weeks before you receive any money.

  1. Please help me I was prescribed for sleep in 2006 now I’m on 800 mg it’s ruined ng my body my life my memory. I need help I’m begging please I’m 38 and dying. I can’t eat or sleep without it I cannot sleep for 5 days then I start hallucinating from no sleep and I get sick I can’t eat my memory is ruined it caused bipolar.

    1. I was given Seroquel in jail because I couldn’t sleep. now my hands constantly go numb my lower extremities are always swollen and my memory is nothing like before, Sometimes I hear voices when no one is around. it’s scary and I often will not leave home in fear of anxiety numbness and fatigue, I’m always reminded of how loud I breathe now and I can’t keep a girlfriend because it’s too annoying for them. no longer do I trust any medications.

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