Lipitor Class Action Lawsuit

Lipitor is the trade name for the most popular painkiller drugs known as “loraplex” or “hydrocodone” in United States. It was introduced in the year 1982, with the intent to treat the pain resulting from toothache, headache, and joint ache. As of today, more than 11 million people are taking this drug on a regular basis. One of its most popular and prescribed class members, lidocaine, is usually available as a topical ointment, cream, or spray and under the name Inserax. This article discusses the details of a Lipitor class action lawsuit involving the manufacture of a lidocaine, its effects on the nerves, and the resulting injuries to some customers.

A Class Action lawsuit involves both an injury or the death of a person caused by the negligence of the manufacturer of the drug or lidocaine. This class action lawsuit was filed on behalf of the family of Leondard Turner, who died in March, 2021 after using the drug called “Lidocaine” or “Lidocaine-prilocaine cream”. The generic term for lidocaine is “loraplex” and the active ingredient is derived from the botanical plant, the ephedra or “oil of oregano” tree. According to the complaint, Leondard suffered a “minor electrical shock” after applying the cream to his neck and buttocks.

A few days later, he developed severe and permanent muscle contractions and began to lose movement in his neck and back. He also developed a loss of sensation in one of his legs, and a high fever. He ultimately died from asphyxiation, despite being administered regular doses of lidocaine-prilocaine cream and/or ephedra. It’s not clear from the complaint why lidocaine-prilocaine cream and/or ephedra were using to treat Leondard; it is possible that he was misdiagnosed with diabetes, and that some other prescriptions (notably a steroid medication) he was taking may have been laced with lidocaine.

One of the most widely publicized fatality cases was the case of Florida teenager Michael Jackson who died of excessive weight loss. Like many other fatality cases, the first fatality lawsuit brought against Jackson (a class action lawsuit) was brought by his mother. Like the Leondard case, the lawsuit was ultimately settled out of court. Michael’s parents settled the lawsuit for an undisclosed amount, reportedly around $1 million. In addition to the settlement money, they received compensation for their son’s pain and suffering, as well as for the legal fees and medical expenses they incurred trying to bring a lawsuit.

There are two additional closely related instances in which fatality claims are commonly pursued. The first is the wrongful death caused by drug toxicity, such as mesothelioma or Lupus. Another closely related case is the case of a child who was killed by tainted rat medication.

Although fatalities account for a relatively small fraction of the total fatality claims filed annually, these two cases are compelling examples of the value of filing a lawsuit to obtain compensation for lost wages, medical bills, pain and suffering, and funeral costs that occur as a result of negligent injuries or wrongful death. Lipitor and similar drugs are illegal, dangerous medications that should not be prescribed in any circumstance. A class action lawsuit can help victims obtain the monetary compensation they are entitled to, regardless of whether they ultimately receive the settlement through the negligence of a third party.

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