Kathleen Robertson Attorney

The actress and a law student have agreed to share their respective legal opinions. The actress is a member of the Lawrence County Bar Association and is licensed to practice law in Pennsylvania. Besides, she is also a member of the Pennsylvania Bar Association and Lawrence County Bar Association. As a result, she can offer legal counsel to clients who need legal advice. However, there are some important things that you should know about her before retaining her services.

Kathleen Robertson actress

If you need a lawyer and need the best representation for your case, consider hiring a Kathleen Robertson attorney. The experience of this legal practitioner will help you to achieve your desired results and minimize your stress level. In addition to her years of experience, Kathleen Robertson is also a member of the Pennsylvania Bar Association and the Lawrence County Bar Association. The firm is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and she will fight for you in court.

As head of the workers’ compensation department of the firm, Kathleen Hayne Robertson represents injured workers in Pennsylvania. With extensive trial experience, she is well qualified to help injured workers seek the benefits they need. She is also a skilled advocate for those who have been injured on the job and are facing unfair denials of workers’ compensation benefits. This skill set makes her an exceptional choice to represent injured workers.

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