How Do I Redeem My Live Nation Lawsuit Vouchers?

How do I redeem my Live Nation lawsuit vouchers? You may have received your vouchers in the mail. What does each one offer? Here’s a look at some of them. Free general admission to any Live Nation-operated venue. Automatic refunds in the case of a canceled event. Then, read on to find out how to redeem your vouchers. Then, you can start enjoying your free tickets to the show of your choice.

Free tickets for general admission at any Live Nation-operated venue

The Justice Department has ruled that Live Nations violated antitrust laws when it merged with Ticketmaster. The company must pay $1 million to settle the lawsuit if it threatens to force venues to use another ticketing provider. If this happens, consumers may be eligible for free tickets to any Live Nation-operated venue. However, a separate lawsuit involving the same company has been filed.

Ticketmaster is providing free tickets to 60 percent of all live events in the U.S., with the rest coming from other vendors. The initial list includes shows by The Cure, Bob Dylan, Black Sabbath, Mumford and Sons, Flight of the Conchords, and Prophets of Rage. Ticketmaster has not yet disclosed the full list of eligible events.

The company owns Ticketmaster, which is also a part of the class action. It notified class-action members by email in early June and notified them in July of free tickets for any Live Nation-operated venue. The emails also indicate that some purchases were made back in 1999. Ticketmaster did not respond to requests for comment. However, the settlement awards are expected to be paid to 50 million people later this month.

Automatic refund for canceled events

A recent change to the cancellation policies at Ticketmaster and Live Nation has led to a lawsuit. Ticketholder Derek Hansen filed suit in federal court in California on behalf of all affected customers. The company changed its refund policy to allow promoters to set limits on the number of refunds given out to ticket buyers. Ticketholders may still choose to exchange their refund for a 150% credit to attend another concert.

However, the new policy will take effect on May 1, when the company begins to notify customers of canceled shows and banned large gatherings. The lawsuit claims that the policy will cost the concert industry $9 billion and cause significant disruption to consumers. Live Nation and Ticketmaster have said that they are working on the policy in an attempt to ensure the customer is protected. If the lawsuit is successful, vouchers will automatically refund canceled events.

Ticketmaster has been accused of changing its policy on refunds due to the COVID-19 shutdown. The company denied the allegations and issued guidance regarding refunds for events in the United States. The lawsuit argues that refunds are a major part of the value of Ticketmaster tickets. However, Live Nation says its refund policy has not changed. It will only continue to make changes as it becomes necessary to ensure the safety of its patrons.

Redeeming vouchers

To redeem the lawsuit vouchers, you must purchase tickets at a Live Nation venue before June 18, 2020. Live Nation needs to fill the empty seats at the event, get people to pay for parking, and fulfill its settlement obligations. The vouchers may be valid for select concerts, like Hall & Oates or Def Leppard. However, you can only use one code per event. The codes expire after that date.

Ticketmaster has released $5 and $2.25 discount codes in response to the lawsuit. It’s unclear which tickets are eligible for these discounts. The company hasn’t responded to requests for further information. The company has promised to make a list of eligible events periodically, but the lawsuit does not specify how often. Ticketmaster has also promised to fix the error messages. If you receive an error message, contact Live Nation as soon as possible.

After receiving the complaint, Ticketmaster announced its settlement by offering free tickets. In return, the company will offer a $5 UPS discount code and a pair of general admission tickets to select concerts. The vouchers are redeemable for a pair of general admission tickets at a Live Nation venue. The vouchers are valid for up to 17 tickets per class member. The settlement was reached only after Live Nation agreed to the terms.

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