Fresh Milk Products Class Action Lawsuit

The Class Action lawsuit filed against Unilever by the lead plaintiffs of the lawsuit was about their use of bad ingredients in their popular skincare products including infant formula and baby formula. These products had been distributed nationwide by the leading manufacturer, Unilever. This included a popular cleanser that was sold under the names like Calgon or Powerade. The product was also distributed as a dietary supplement.

Following states, you may be entitled to receive a potential award on the basis of actual damages and/or a miscellaneous award. Actual damages refers to the amount of actual cash loss sustained due to the wrongdoing of the defendant, and miscellaneous awards refers to ancillary monetary benefits that are awarded as a result of class action lawsuits. If your settlement offers a combination of actual and miscellaneous damages as well as a cost-effective structured settlement payment plan, you should take advantage of this benefit. You may also receive a tax-free income boost if you are a victim of wrongful selling of the Calgon or Powerade products. In addition, you may be entitled to additional compensation for prescription and OTC misuse of the products as well as their packaging.

The actual dairy farmers that have filed the Class Action lawsuit, claim that Unilever markets its products in a way that drives up the price of dairy produce and robs the public of healthy, wholesome products. As a result of these claims, the retail price of fresh milk products in the United States has increased by more than fifty percent over the last ten years. To date, nine out of ten dairy farmers are not receiving fair market value for the products that they produce. According to the Class Action lawsuit, Unilever engages in price-fixing class action lawsuit in violation of the Anti-Trust Laws. The suit further claims that Unilever profits by artificially restricting the supply of milk supply in order to drive up the prices of their product.

The Class Action lawsuit further claims that Unilever engages in unfair marketing of its products through the use of mandatory warning labels and by paying outrageous prices for premium products such as unsweetened and low-fat yogurts. The plaintiffs further claim that the company is guilty of practicing predatory pricing in violation of the Federal False Promises Act and the Federal Trade Commission’s Rule on Bribery and Advertising. These laws have been imposed in response to widespread evidence that the majority of health care providers and other purchasers do not receive adequate compensation from pharmaceutical companies for the drugs and medical devices that they sell. As a direct result of these laws, many people are unable to purchase the dairy products that they need to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The Class Action lawsuit also claims that Unilever engages in price-fixing settlements with various wholesalers to fix the price of its products so that it will be more attractive to retail buyers. However, this practice often increases the cost of the product to the consumer. The Class Action lawsuit further claims that this price-fixing settlement offers no real value to the producers of the dairy products. This, in turn, forces them to increase the price of the products so that they can recoup at least some of their investment, if not all of it. This Class Action lawsuit is currently pending in the Southern District of New York. If you have been injured as a result of the actions of Unilever, you may want to contact an experienced and knowledgeable Class Action Lawyer.

Unilever includes: Liability Insurance Co. Inc., United States Dairy Producers Association Inc., F.I. Inc., Farmers of America Inc., Unilever Nutrition Inc., Ideal Sources Inc., Andropause Inc., Lending Tree Inc., National Board of Contractors Inc., and R.P. Corp. (parent company of Unilever). You may be entitled to receive compensation for losses including but not limited to: general damages, medical expenses, pain and suffering, punitive damages, and lost earnings, as well as other possible damages. It is a good idea to consult with a competent attorney regarding your legal rights, including seeking an antimonopoly class action settlement, an unfair competition action, or other potential litigation.

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