Darden Lawsuit Settlement

How to Get a Darden Settlement

A Darden Meal Plan lawsuit is a common case in families all over the United States. In this scenario, one or more of the Darden restaurants located all around the United States has been accused of being a front for fraud and of costing their customers unnecessary amounts of money. The restaurant owners have long strenuously denied any wrongdoing and maintain that they follow all laws in carrying out their business. They have also pointed out that each of their restaurants have complied with all requests made by the states’ attorneys. Nevertheless, after a protracted legal battle, it was finally decided that the Darden restaurants were guilty of operating restaurants where a meal replacement occurred. The court found that the Darden corporations failed to make clear to their patrons that the meals would actually count towards meeting the dietary requirements of the government.

The Darden Company took the situation to the next level, immediately laying out a plan to settle the lawsuit.

This plan included a forty-million dollar payment from the corporation’s stockholders, a three-year suspension of all advertising and a possible repayment of all funds spent on litigation, fees and interest. The board of directors also set up an independent monitor to oversee implementation of the plan. The new management team has since approved of the actions taken. The board has also approved of the decision, and the attorney handling the case has agreed with the verdict.

As the Darden Restaurant Company prepares to stand trial, a number of things are sure to affect the outcome of the case.

The first of these is the manner in which the two sides reach a consensus. In most cases, this tends to be after a lengthy and drawn-out court battle that results in deadlock. If no compromise can be reached, the case will then go to trial. Both sides may be willing to reach a settlement beforehand, but it is always better to start the case with a win in mind than to lose the case later on.

There is another reason as to why both sides may reach a settlement in lieu of going to trial.

Sometimes, the employees themselves may believe that the case is not really worth going to trial. They may feel like the money that they would have to forfeit would be a waste of time and money. In order for the employee to recoup at least some of his losses, he would have to go to trial, which will mean additional expenses for him.

The way the case is settled also affects the potential jurors.

If the case has been settled out of court, there is a lesser chance that prospective jurors will side with the plaintiffs or the defendants. This is because the case does not need to go to trial, so the judge does not have to try it. For this reason, it is much better to go to trial if you feel that your lawsuit is right.

Finally, as the terms of the Darden lawsuit settlement are being described above, you should also keep in mind that some employees feel as though they have been defrauded by the company.

If this is the case, you should try to recoup your losses because it will be harder to prove it. You will also have to pay for the attorney that was used to fight your case, so it may be in your best interest to settle the case rather than try to go to trial. Just make sure that you read your legal documents very carefully so that you can understand what the company is legally liable for.

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