Class Action Lawsuit Against HSBC Mortgage

This article will discuss the class action lawsuit against Hardship Home Mortgage Company. It is a wrongful death suit against Hardship Home Mortgage, which was responsible for the death of Stevenzesy. This was one of the worst mortgage related cases in California in recent years. The suit was brought on behalf of Stevenzesy’s wife who died as a result of the negligence and fraud of Hardship Home Mortgage Company. Here are some of the details of the case:

Class Action Lawsuit Against Hardship Mortgage

Stevenzesy was a retired Army Intelligence officer who had retired from the Los Angeles Police force in November, 2005. He had been working as an analyst for the Intelligence Research Office of the Department of Defense. On the day he collapsed, he was driving to work, got a ride home from his car and was overcome with a deadly head injury resulting in his death. He had been taking some financial advice from his friend who lives in the Hollywood Hills, where Hardship Property is located.

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of the family of Stevenzesy.

There were two other plaintiffs who were also involved in the lawsuit. One of those was an adult daughter of a senior advisor to Hardship who was severely injured while in their vehicle. The other was a woman who was a primary caregiver for a disabled senior in the area. Both plaintiffs were in the wrong place at the wrong time. When the defendants refused to acknowledge their liability and delayed and demanded additional time to litigate the case, people who suffered injuries because of Hardship’s negligence were not protected by any class action lawsuit.

The class action lawsuit against Hardship was filed by the deceased Stevenzesy’s wife.

The suit was later transferred to the State of California, where the suit was later approved. The complaint alleged that Hardship refused to make reasonably safe accommodations for plaintiffs, which resulted in them being injured on the street because they could not get into their cars.

The class action lawsuit against Hardship Mortgage is currently pending.

In the interim, hopefully the situation will be resolved amicably so that the injured persons can resume their lives. For now, the families of the deceased and injured persons need justice as well as compensation for their suffering. Unfortunately, the banking industry did not receive the lesson that they should have learned from the financial crisis of the last few years. They are responsible for the deaths of many innocent people due to negligence and they must pay for those losses.

The families of the deceased who have lost their homes need a class action lawsuit to seek justice.

They deserve to find a class that is made up of real homeowners like them who have been affected by Hardship’s negligence. They can then ask that the bank be held accountable for the death of their loved ones. There are also class-action lawsuits that have been filed by surviving homeowners against Bank of America.

There are homeowners who lost everything in the flood of Katrina who are trying to recover any belongings that they could salvage. When class action lawsuits are filed against corporations, they have a better chance at getting judgments that are large enough to pay for damages and to make a dent in their finances.

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