Blue Buffalo Lawsuit Filed Against Blue Buffalo Dog Food Company

In the Blue Buffalo lawsuit, consumers are seeking compensation for illnesses their pets suffered. The company recently settled a class-action lawsuit involving $32 million in damages. The company denies any wrongdoing but says supplier misconduct may have contributed to the problems. In addition, the recalls haven’t affected the quality of the company’s products. In addition to the settlement, several other consumers have filed suit.

The Blue Buffalo Company claims its Blue Wilderness dog food is healthy and consistent with the diet of wolves.

The company has prominently displayed an image of a grey wolf on its packaging, and touts its food as “Nature’s Evolutionary Diet.” The lead plaintiff claims the company’s dog food has no scientific basis and therefore has been unreasonably dangerous to dogs. The owner of the lawsuit claims that her dog developed diabetes after eating the brand.

The Blue Buffalo lawsuit states that the company conceals the high carbohydrate content of its products by failing to disclose it on product labels. The claim states that the company promotes non-carbohydrate nutrients while promoting the alleged harmful effects of high carbohydrates on pets. The lawsuit also alleges that Blue Buffalo markets its products to veterinarians and consumers while ignoring the fact that dog foods are high in carbohydrates. However, the lead plaintiff’s claims are based on no scientific basis.

The lead plaintiff argues that the Blue Buffalo dog food contains harmful additives that cause cancer in dogs.

The lawsuit claims that the company’s “True Blue Promise” is false. While the claims of the company’s products are baseless, the lead plaintiff’s claims are nonetheless compelling. This claim will likely result in significant compensation for the dogs of the class. The claim has no scientific basis. The lead plaintiff is confident that the company’s settlement will result in a fair settlement for all affected customers.

The lead plaintiff has also filed a class-action lawsuit against the Blue Buffalo Company for misleading advertising. While the company has defended its products, the legal claim that Blue Buffalo’s products are falsely advertised is a common one for both companies. While the claims are unique, the underlying cause isn’t. Rather, the company is accused of deceptive advertising that misleads consumers. It has not admitted any responsibility for this, but the claims have led to a settlement that amounts to US$32 million.

The case is not over yet.

The lead plaintiff maintains that Blue Buffalo violated the California Consumer Legal Remedies Act, and has caused harm to consumers. The lead plaintiff’s claims are based on a lack of scientific foundation for the company’s claims. If the lead plaintiff’s claims are true, then the company should pay the class action’s legal costs. The defendant should pay the damages to those individuals who have experienced harm due to its misrepresentation.

The lead plaintiff claims that the product is unfit for human consumption. The lead plaintiff’s dog had no medical problems, and the dog died of kidney failure. In the Blue Buffalo lawsuit, the company has been sued for false advertising. The lead plaintiff says that the company has been guilty of defamation since May 2014. Ultimately, the company has settled the lawsuit for US$32 million. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

The lawsuit is also a class action suit against Blue Buffalo.

It was filed in May 2014 by Nestle Purina. The company sued Blue Buffalo for deceptive advertising in the pet food industry. The lawsuit claimed that the company’s “TrueBluePromise” was misleading. Its marketing claims did not include the ingredients. As a result, the case has been dismissed. The plaintiff is still claiming that the company was unaware of the claims and had been a misrepresentation.

The lead plaintiff is the owner of a 4-year-old Cocker Spaniel/Poodle mix who suffered from diabetes. The lawsuit claims that the dog had been suffering from kidney disease and kidney failure since January 2021, despite being a healthy breed. The lead plaintiff claims that the company’s “True Blue Promise” was a false advertising campaign. A wrongful claim may lead to a settlement. Whether Blue Buffalo will pay the money to its consumers is a legal matter for consumers.

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