Ace Attorney Dogs – Missile

In Ace Attorney: The Crime Scene Investigation, Missile, the Shiba Inu K-9, is a vital part of the investigation team. He has a special “Ghost Trick” and develops a relationship with a female pomeranian. Moreover, he can also help track a body. Throughout the series, Missile can protect his friends and family by using his special powers.

The missile is a Shiba Inu breed K-9

In Ace Attorney: The Royal Rumble, Missile is a Shiba Ino breed police dog. He belongs to Detective Dick Gumshoe, who considers missiles one of his Seven Secret Weapons. In the game, Missile’s role is to help Phoenix Wright solve the crimes. While investigating the murder of Robert Hammond, Missile helps Wright sniff out clues and solve crimes. During the investigation, Missile picks up the scent of a Samurai Dog and then falls into a fireplace. It’s then that the crew finds Wendy Oldbag’s clothes in the fireplace.

Originally, the Shiba Inu breed dog has been used as a K-9 in the Ace Attorney series, but it has been repurposed as a police dog in different games. Unlike most K-9s, Missile’s personality makes him very easy to train. He is eager to please and likes to bark at things that move. His Ghost Trick lets him swap objects around, but also allows him to move through objects.

He has a “Ghost Trick”

It’s no secret that the third installment of the Ace Attorney franchise, Ghost Trick, will feature a new character, Missile. In the new timeline, Missile meets Professor Layton, who finds her story unbelievable, and they begin a conversation. Interestingly, the new timeline also features a new character: Sissel. Sissel is a cat who has “dead memories,” which could explain why Missile keeps a memory of a ghost. This new cat also has a core, but in the old timeline, she was killed by Jowd. In the original timeline, she isn’t even aware that Jowd is now married to a woman named Sissel.

In this game, Missile also has a unique affinity for Samurai dogs. Maya Fey, Larry Butz, and Shi-Long Lang have said that Missile is cute. However, the name may be related to Missile’s behavior as a self-guided weapon. It is also possible that Missile is named after Shu Takumi’s real-life Pomeranian, which is the pet dog in Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective. In Brazil, Missile is translated to “Missile”.

He has a relationship with a female pomeranian

Ace Attorney is a series of video games starring Phoenix Wright, the daughter of legendary prosecutor Manfred von Karma. She is also the owner of Missile, a Pomeranian dog. The missile was adopted by the von Karma family after a previous owner, Gregory Edgeworth, was murdered by a man trapped in an elevator. The man was not found, but it was later revealed that Von Karma killed him.

The relationship between Ace Attorney Missile and the pomeranian dog is one of the main plot points of the game. The missile is no longer a minor character in the series, like Rush or Red XIII. Instead, she has become one of the main protagonists. Unlike other games with animal protagonists, Ghost Trick takes a more realistic approach to its animal characters. The game shows Missile as a more complex person than her hapless dog counterparts.

He helps track down a body

In ‘Ace Attorney: Ghost Trick,’ Missile helps track down a body. Her nose picks up on the scent of the deceased, and it leads the police to a secret underground escape tunnel that Jay Elbird used to kill Horace Knightley. While the details of the case are sketchy, the plot hints at a connection to the Ghost Trick series. Whether Missile is a new character or a longtime character remains to be seen.

The missile is a police dog that was originally used for investigations. Despite being a Shiba Inu, Missile has many other talents, including helping track down bodies. Besides being a forensic expert, she loves Samurai Dogs and eats them at Larry’s stand. Several characters have also noticed Missile as being cute. Initially, Missile was introduced in ‘Gourd Lake,’ episode #1.

He likes Samurai Dogs

The Samurai Dogs have been a staple of the Tokyo bar scene for many years. It’s no surprise that the Ace Attorney likes Samurai Dogs as much as anyone else does, but why is it that Missile is a fan of this particular bar snack? The answer is simple: the Samurai Dogs make great party favors! The next time you’re out and about, grab a box of Samurai Dogs from one of their many stalls. You’ll be glad you did!

The Japanese characters that appear in Ace Attorney: Missile and Jin Ri are similar in appearance, but they are also related in some aspects. They are both named after a famous Japanese poet, Jin Yao Ri no. Those characters are a bit of a cultural touchstone and are often referenced in the games. Those two words, “samurai dog,” are also popular in the game.

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