Your Yasmin Birth Control Lawsuit

Q: I recently heard about a case in which a woman won a lawsuit against Yaymin Birth Control Company. What was she win? A: According to the Associated Press, the woman won a lawsuit that was brought against Yaymin by a man who was injured while on Yaymin’s birth control patch. The man claims that he suffered permanent damage because Yaymin did not warn him that the patch would break and that he would become permanently addicted to the drug.

Q: Last year, a man in Pennsylvania won a lawsuit against Yaymin because of the side effects caused by Yaymin’s birth control drug. Did he receive compensation for his pain and suffering? A: Yes, according to the Associated Press. In the fall of 2021, a jury awarded a man $3.75 million dollars because Yaymin failed to warn him that its birth control patch had dangerous side effects.

Q: Last year, a man died from taking one of Yaymin’s birth control pills. Was this an accident or was this preventable? A: The lawsuit says that this was an accident because the drug he was taking was not labeled as having any type of warning on it. Because Yaymin didn’t inform him that its contents can kill or harm him, this man suffered a sudden death from bleeding in the stomach.

Q: There have also been suits regarding deaths from taking yaz pills. Some people have died after taking one of these pills. Are these cases different from accidents? A: While there have been no lawsuits against yasmin for those who die from their supposed heart attacks, it is still important to always be cautious with pills. If you are going through menopause and feel restless, I recommend you stay away from these pills.

Q: There was also a lawsuit against this Yaymin birth control drug called Nizoral. This is a pill that helps to control a woman’s excessive bleeding. However, if you read the lawsuit, you will find out that Nizoral contained clindamycin, which can cause a blood clot in a man’s skull. Clindamycin is known to have caused some side effects such as vision problems and ringing in the ears.

These are just some of the more popular drugs that were sued due to their side effects. Other birth control pills that were used were the Ambien, Peridot and Lunesta. You can go on the Internet to see the birth control pills that were sued due to their side effects. While some of these pills are still legal, most of them have been banned. Yaymin was one of the companies who were not only aware of the risks of their products, but actually took the time to check and recheck their products. Hopefully, this will prevent other women from having to deal with the same problem that you did.

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