Yaz Class Action Lawsuit

New Class Action Lawsuit Against Pfizer Overfenprazole

If you have been injured because of an illegal product, and you are looking for some sort of compensation you should consider filing a lawsuit against the manufacturer or company responsible. Manufacturers do not want to be put into a lawsuit; they are more concerned about being hit with a huge lawsuit themselves. It is very common for people to sue companies that make unsafe products and/or conduct illegal business practices. The law can provide some protection in situations like these.

Under the Federal Food Drug and Cosmetic Administration (FDCPA), which is the government office that regulates the food industry, there are four different classifications of injuries to sue. Most of the popular birth control pills, such as Birth Control Re-imester Pills, and Follicle Stimulating Hormone are considering to be medications. Although the Food and Drug Administration allows drug companies to define which class they will be put into, they are not allowed to be deceptive in any way. This means that if a manufacturer fails to warn their customers of any possible side effects that could occur from taking their pills, then they can be held legally liable. Most of these popular birth control pills have not been tested for safety by the FDA, so the possibility of side effects occurring is real.

A class action lawsuit can be filed on behalf of anyone who has been injured because of a defective or dangerous product. Some of these products have caused injuries to children and elderly adults, as well as some that have caused injuries to adults. Some of the injuries that have resulted from birth control pills include strokes, heart attacks, nervous breakdown, and unconsciousness. These claims are covered by many insurance companies.

The manufacturers of these products, Teva, Cetaphil, and OTC Astringent have been ordered to pay more than $ endorsements to millions of consumers because their birth control pills have been defective. This is just the beginning of a long standing dispute. The plaintiffs in this lawsuit seek damages based on negligence. In other words, they are asking for compensation for injuries that have been caused because of a product’s manufacturer failing to take reasonable precautions before distributing a product.

Another claim made in the a class action lawsuit, and one that has also been brought by consumers, is that the manufacturers of these expensive blood thinners intentionally designed their products to be unsafe for women taking the blood thinner warfarin. The claims of this type of negligence are often successful in obtaining compensation. Women who suffer from thrombosis and need to maintain regular low dose Supplements may find that their lawsuit has been successful. This is because the FDA has required the manufacturers of warfarin to include warnings of the increased risks of blood clots when women take warfarin.

Many lawyers will be familiar with this type of class action lawsuit, and some will be representing plaintiffs in the new cases. The new cases are expected to grow in number as the economy fails, and as the number of women taking prescription medications increases. Women need to know that if they are experiencing any symptoms of thrombosis such as rectal bleeding, stomach pain, or abdominal swelling, they should contact their doctor immediately and not use these medications. Those who are injured because of this negligence need to contact their lawyers immediately and ask for compensation.

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