Which Bankruptcy Lawyer in Queens is Right For You?

If you are facing financial hardship, you may be wondering which bankruptcy lawyer in Queens is right for you. If so, you can consult one of the following attorneys for assistance: Charles Juntikka, Antoinette Osbourne, James J. DeCristofaro, Usar Law Group P.C., and Michael A. Silver. Each of these lawyers has decades of experience and focuses on restoring financial independence and relieving clients of their overwhelming debts. Before filing for bankruptcy, they will carefully review your finances and identify abusive collection tactics such as wage garnishment, repossessions, foreclosures, and collection letters. Afterward, they will discuss whether debt consolidation is the best option for you.

Charles Juntikka

After graduating from the University of Michigan in 1978, Mr. Charles Juntikka attended the New York Law School in 1982, where he was elected to the Committee on Judicial Ethics. His firm was founded in 1984 and has since grown into the largest personal bankruptcy filing firm in New York City and New Jersey. Charles Juntikka and Associates has been ranked as one of the Top New York Bankruptcy Law Firms for the past twenty years, representing over twenty thousand clients.

His firm is renowned for its spirit of client representation. He enjoys using bankruptcy law to eliminate debt and encourage clients to build credit again after filing. His staff takes pride in protecting financially strained individuals. Charles Juntikka, Queens bankruptcy lawyer

Antoinette Osbourne

Antoinette Osbourne, a Queen’s bankruptcy attorney, is a New York State-registered attorney who was admitted in 2004. This person’s firm can be found at 8828 Sutphin Blvd., Jamaica, NY. You can schedule a personal meeting with her by telephone or e-mail. Her office hours are not publicly known. You can also visit her office during off-hours.

James J. DeCristofaro

In Queens, New York, Lawyer James offers counsel and representation to debtors in a wide variety of legal matters. He helps clients file for bankruptcy and assists them with determining what assets they have exempt from bankruptcy. His experience in bankruptcy law spans over three decades. He has successfully handled over 100 bankruptcy cases and helped clients resolve more than $100 million in business disputes. Additionally, he handles a variety of transactional documents and is admitted to practice law in federal and state courts.

Usar Law Group P.C.

If you need legal representation, consider visiting Usar Law Group P.C. in New York City. The law firm is located at 47-20 Greenpoint Avenue, Sunnyside, NY 11104. If you would like to meet with a lawyer, call them on the telephone during business hours or ask a personal friend to recommend them to you. Regardless of your needs, you can trust their team to provide the best legal service possible.

Whether you are looking for a legal firm or simply a competent attorney, you’ve come to the right place. You can find reviews of Usar Law Group, P.C. on several websites. The website of this firm has a section for attorney reviews. Users can also leave feedback on their firm by completing an online form. The form can be completed in a matter of minutes. After completing your review, you can contact Usar Law Group, P.C.

David I. Pankin

When you are facing overwhelming debt and foreclosure, you may be wondering if filing for bankruptcy is the right option for you. David I. Pankin, Queen’s bankruptcy lawyer, has over 20 years of experience helping consumers and small businesses in Queens. He handles Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases and has successfully defended his clients from credit card lawsuits and wage garnishments. His law firm handles many other bankruptcy matters, including loan modifications and consumer protection matters.

At the Law Office of Antoinette Osbourne, P.C. in Queens, you can find a qualified bankruptcy lawyer. He handles bankruptcy cases, estate planning, real estate closings, powers of attorney, and more. He is admitted to practice law in both state and federal courts and is a member of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys. You can contact him today to schedule a consultation with a Queen’s bankruptcy attorney.

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