Well Fargo Advisors – Are You a Victim of Discrimination Lawsuit?

There was a recent article in the Dallas Morning News by reporter Lisa Graves that got me thinking about the Wells Fargo advisors lawsuit. The article reported that lawyers representing minority employees had filed a discrimination lawsuit against the bank, alleging it kept black and Hispanic employees on the payroll longer than white workers.

According to the article, the attorneys will be representing the nine Wells Fargo employees who have filed a racial discrimination lawsuit. This is an unfortunate turn of events, as I always thought that Wells Fargo was the last place I would go for financial services.

Well Fargo Advisors Discrimination Lawsuit

The entire premise of this article is unfortunate indeed, and yet, Wells Fargo has become a whipping boy for media, as well as a punching bag for opponents of minimum wage laws and labor unions. Still, I can understand how these groups feel and what they’re going through. In my experience, however, there seems to be very little evidence that such negative views of Wells Fargo’s employees are justified.

For instance, one attorney involved in the suit claims that Wells Fargo repeatedly violates anti-discrimination statutes.

He points out that the company maintains some sort of zero tolerance policies for racial discrimination. Still, this attorney seems to be the exception rather than the rule.

Also, it seems to me that the lawsuit is being politically promoted by a bunch of left-leaning attorneys who see this as a chance to further hurt Wells Fargo financially.

At the same time, some right-leaning attorneys are promoting the suit as a chance to show how much wrong Wells Fargo does, and that other banks are also discriminating. These are the “stay angry” folks. They will not find my problem with Wells Fargo and that’s okay, because I don’t work for them.

I’m sure you understand that I am not an employee of Wells Fargo, nor am I employed by any bank.

I’m a private citizen, and I am filing my own lawsuit. If someone makes false claims against me based on my background, education, or experience, I intend to hold them accountable. And I will not let these lies go unpunished.

I have a friend, who happens to be a former employee of Wells Fargo.

She put her job on the line by complaining about the claims made against her in court. She says she was retaliated against for her complaint. As a result of her complaint, Wells Fargo issued her a two-year Notice of Intent to evict her from her home. While Wells Fargo has yet to carry out its threat to evict her, attorneys have already threatened to take her case to court.

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