United Allergy Labs Lawsuit

A United allergy lab’s lawsuit is one of the cases that I have worked on and seen a lot of attorneys and medical personnel being quite defensive and aggressive. This case involved a man who developed chronic allergies to various forms of animals. The problem was that he could not figure out how to tell what type of animal it was that he was allergic to.

He also did not know what triggered his allergies in the first place, nor did he have a cure for them. He was on a steady supply of steroids for his condition, but this did not help much. After seeing an allergy specialist, he was diagnosed with an allergy to animals and was referred to a local allergy clinic.

United Allergy Labs Lawsuit

Because he had not been ill before, the staff at the allergy testing clinic were more than willing to do an allergy test on him. They performed blood tests on him as well as various other allergy testing procedures, all of which came back negative. At this point, they were not treating his allergies but simply waiting for results of allergy shots which they believed he may need to be able to fully control his symptoms.

While waiting for them, he had lost a number of his abilities including the use of his eyesight.

As a result, he lost a great deal of work time from his work in the accounting area. He was not on any medications but still needed help with controlling his symptoms. His family doctor referred him to allergy testing. During the consultation, he learned that he was never allergic to the animals that he had been exposed to in his lifetime.

The testing that was done during the time of his litigation revealed that he was not allergic to the animals that he had been exposed to but was allergic to a particular brand of ibuprofen that he used for pain relief after having a cold.

The doctor at the allergy clinic gave him a different brand of ibuprofen and he began using it. One day, while he was lying in bed, he had what appeared to be an allergic reaction to the medication that he was now taking. He thought that he had gotten a rash from the medication and called his wife, who told him to take it easy. However, when he got up the following morning, he could not remember ever getting a rash from taking the medication.

He was diagnosed as having seasonal allergies and was given a series of allergy medications.

One of the medications did not work, so he was given a second chance with another allergy testing clinic. Allergy management clinics provide patients with allergy testing that can pinpoint what type of allergy you have and how it is affecting your life. During the time of the litigation, his allergy was not known at all, nor was his employer.

The company finally discovered at the end of the litigation that Mr. Pollack was indeed suffering from seasonal allergies.

They also found out that he had been taking the medications on an ongoing basis and had not been taking any steps to correct this. This information came as quite a surprise to him and to his family.

This has caused many people to believe that United allergy labs were purposefully trying to find a lawsuit cause to throw out the case. It has also made some people wonder if all of the allergy testing done by these companies is for nothing.

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