The Spectrum Cable Class Action Lawsuit

The Spectrum Cable Class Action Lawsuit is one of the most exciting and comprehensive cases that has ever been filed in United States. The suit was brought forward by subscribers to Spectrum TV, who had experienced being ripped off by the company. They had paid their monthly subscription and were not made aware that the deal they had signed with the company included a massive refundable tax amount which would be charged at the end of every month. This outrageous clause was never mentioned to the customer at the time of signing the contract.

Subscribers claimed that they were notified of the refundable tax amount on receipt of their monthly bill. What happened next is beyond belief. Subscribers did not have to worry about the enormous tax bill anymore. However, the same thing could not be said about the refundable balance which they would have to pay at the end of every month.

The Spectrum Cable Class Action Lawsuit was eventually ruled in favor of the subscribers. There was thus a significant amount of money that went unused by the company. Subscribers now have the right to pursue the case and receive what they are entitled to. They could receive monetary compensation for the mental and physical trauma as well as any other damages that could be awarded.

The Spectrum Cable Class Action Lawsuit is actually one of the largest television related lawsuits in history. The case itself was quite long and involved a lot of twists and turns. It was finally decided that the company had deliberately and wrongfully defrauded the subscribers of their rightful benefits. They were found to have engaged in predatory pricing practices by forcing them to subscribe to a very high per-channel price for their service. In addition, they had also used sham wholesale channels and did not supply them with similar programming for a lower price.

This case had caused a furore on the American television industry. Many people were of the opinion that they would not experience any negative consequences from the ruling. However, they soon learned that such was not the case. Such was the strength of the testimony provided by the attorneys who handled the proceedings.

Ultimately, it was decided that Spectrum should pay out damages to ensure that no further damages would be reaped by their subscribers. This would make everyone happy because there would be no more defaulters in the future. The damages also served as a warning to other companies that would attempt to defraud customers in a similar way. Furthermore, it would encourage other television service providers to provide better services to their subscribers. This would ensure that everyone wins in this deal.

  1. In Aug. 2020 spectrum made me pay $ 166.00 twice JUN 2021 $ 312.79 TWICE what can I do about this matter because I am elderly living alone and I do need the service this is the only service for my area.

  2. I am a client of the spectrum and have been advised through email that am eligible for discounted programs, when I didn’t respond, my cost went up from $66 to $ 86 then to $148.35, haven’t been informed of what I have for that, have noticed I do get a few more channels but none of the premium channels and internet speed is still the same.

  3. Does Spectrum warrant ANOTHER lawsuit? Why are subscribers paying a specific amount to include certain channels but ALSO being charged $17.99 for a Broadcast TV Surcharge? This needs to be addressed quickly.

  4. Yesterday, I received a Spectrum sales call telling me of the promotions that would give me 500mps, when told him of my need to receive urgent info from Prisma oncology. What he failed to tell me was there streaming only worked with Samsung tvs (not other smart tvs) I requested a tech, when he arrived and told me my equipment (tv, google,alexa) and anything more than 2 years old would not receive workable wifi. I called customer service and got nowhere. Their only solution was to get their receiver and dvr (10-15 dollars each) and still could not resolve my wifi problem. I’m a disabled Vietnam vet scraping by on $1,025 a month and could use some help dealing with this

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  6. They keep callin me and I am on the DNC list and called them and asked them to stop calling me, I need a lawyer that can help me fine them for every call they make. its 3 times a day and it is pissing me off.

  7. What has me confused is how Spectrum mobile gets away with selling their hotspots with $400.00 plus ipad at $45.00 per month as UNLIMITED when it is extremely limited at 5 gigs a month and then stops working or slows to a point of not working with NO OPTION TPO BY MORE DATA!!!! They are being illegally deceitful andf I am sure a judge and jury would agree. Just cost me $500.00 to get out of their lies!!!

  8. For so so many years I paid for the fastest internet service and didn’t get it. I was never sure why it was so slow, but I don’t understand all of this type of technology, I just keep taking out my wallet. It was so aggravating. My son finally checked, they sent out a tech…he went up the pole and my ex-husband had Time Warner put a block on the service to house in the 90’s for our 11 and 12 year olds. That block was still on my service at the pole and had totally slowed down my service. They took my money all of those years and never gave me a discount for all my overpayment.

  9. I notified Spectrum cable TV service to end my cable subscription on 10/15/2020. However, they billed my credit card on 10/13/2022 for a full month of service in the amount of $47.99 even though I had no service available & all equipment had been returned. Is this legal?

  10. My personal issues with Charter/Spectrum is based upon their apparent “policy”, to do everything possible to prevent a customer from “canceling” service and “closing” an account. My first attempt to “discontinue service” was to go to my “online” account (turns out this is NOT an option for any customers. So I called, I was told that I had to talk to a “Specialist”, and was redirected (after a ridiculous waiting times on hold), the “Specialist ” simply “would not cancel my service”, despite me clearly stating “I can no longer afford, nor do I want, the service anymore”. They ignored me and reduced the rate of my service.I made three more attempts (by phone), to cancel service (with ridiculous wait times every time), only to be hung up on. Now they are trying to charge for the service “that they imposed” (which I never approved, and have stated I could not afford. I am certain that I am not the only customer having such an experience with them.

  11. timewarner been ripping me off since they first started now spectrum doing the same thing u get ur bill and it s double then what they tell and if u don t pay it they turn ur services of f this is about time they get caught

  12. I had the similar issues, for 2 and a half years they provided the poorest service and I was not well enough to get out to change my service, once I became well enough, (recently) I made changes and called to order my service ended, they charged me 270.00 for one day over. and continue to charge me for equipment returned which I have receipts for showing they received the shipment from UPS. This is the most terrible company on the planet. nothing ever worked properly and many, many times I was over charged, both TV/internet and cell service.

  13. Spectrum Mobil had someone to open up an account in my name ( identity theft ) then tried to get me to open up a account in my name. Somebody send me a lawyer spectrum need to be sued,

  14. Spectrum is still ripping people off especially handicapped and seniors. Spectrum gave me the ACP of $30 that I got through the federal government. Spectrum then upped the internet charge to cover what they were giving from the federal government to their own pockets. Spectrum threaten and change the internet speed along with limiting the programming on TV. I have had Charter/Spectrum for 38 years. I researched and Spectrum is taking advantage and adding more charges. Spectrum lies and turns off one of my entities without permission.

  15. Spectrum Stand your ground to excessively high increase. I Robert V Barnes supports your fight against these high increases. Don’t back down. I can live without these programs. PLEASE DON’T BACK DOWN !!!!!!!!!!!!

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