Rodan and Fields Lash Boost Lawsuit Update

A Rodan and Fields lash enhancement lawsuit has recently been updated in the court system, after a motion for summary judgement was filed. The company denied any wrongdoing, stating that it only gives instructions to customers, such as those who experience a slight irritation from their product’s application. Rodan + Fields are currently reviewing and address the lawsuit filed by prominent insurance firm, Ironshore, concerning a liability insurance claim regarding the pending Lash Boost product liability lawsuit. According to court records, plaintiff’s attorney contacted Ironshore about a potential liability issue involving their product. In a deposition of one of the defendants, an attorney for the company, David S. Deutsch, Jr., could not give a clear answer as to whether or not his products caused any injuries, but instead stated that the company only provides directions on how to apply its products.

The case was later filed in the courts, where the plaintiffs are seeking compensatory and punitive damages. Plaintiffs attorney, Robert T. Johnson IV, stated in a court document, “Plaintiffs have provided substantial evidence in a number of documents and exhibits, but defendant’s attorneys have failed to address claims for several years.” Mr. Johnson indicated that he intends to seek a trial date in November. The Multilevel Marketing (MLM) industry is a multi-level marketing or pyramid scheme. While most people view these schemes as nothing more than a scam, the Rodan and Fields case may prove differently, allowing the plaintiffs to receive a monetary compensation.

The Multilevel Marketing and Eyelash Serum lawsuit may also open the doors to a number of new recruits. Mr. Mulberg indicated that the company will continue to focus on providing advice to members of the Rodan + Fields Network with regards to the safety and quality of their products. He indicated that some current consultants have left the company due to the overwhelming negative reaction towards the product created by the attorneys. Additionally, Mr. Mulberg stated that all current consultants have signed non-disclosure agreements.

A recent Rodan and Fields Lash Boost lawsuit update suggests that the company plans to use the “suits” strategy in dealing with potential plaintiffs. This class action lawsuit filed in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York has been pending since July of last year. Mr. Mulberg indicated that the company will continue to monitor the situation to determine if the lawsuit has merit. A class-action lawsuit can be filed on behalf of a group of people who all have similar symptoms that are closely related to each other.

The April article filed by The Hollywood Reporter indicated that the company is looking into possibly taking claims of financial loss and possible side effects from their product. It has also been reported that the FDA is reviewing the reports filed by the plaintiffs. The Food and Drug Administration is responsible for approving medications and drugs. If the agency determines that the plaintiff’s claims are true, then the FDA needs to take the claim into consideration and determine whether or not it needs to be further evaluated.

Currently, there is no indication whether or not the FDA will approve the claims the Rodan and Fields lash cream and it has been reported that the ingredient is not being changed. The FDA is currently examining the ingredient’s ability to cause contact dermatitis and similar side effects associated with prior drug product that was deemed safe to use. In the case that the agency concludes that the product contains isopropyl cloprostenate, then they will be required by law to ban the product.

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