Passages Malibu Lawsuit Review

On the heels of the Passage Malibu lawsuit, a new movie called Malibu Kai was released. This movie follows the life of the famous attorney, John B. Holmes. I have always found the character to be likable, if not likeable at times. Mr. Holmes is known for his sharp intellect, passion and desire to pursue justice. As the movie progresses you begin to see the layers of the characters emotions.

Passages Malibu Lawsuit Review

This is no small feat; taking a look at the character of Holmes, one can see that he is a complicated character, and one that is difficult to relate to on some level. The film tries to depict this complexity by casting several different kinds of actors. As the case moves forward you are introduced to more different personalities. One such character is Paul Butler, played by Nicholas Cage. He is the primary lawyer of the plaintiffs, and has some interesting legal issues with the defense.

Nic Cage is an odd choice for a role as he does not appear as a plaintiff or defendant.

Instead, he appears as the defense lawyer who is trying to get the case dismissed. It turns out that the only way that the case will go forward is if he can convince the court to eliminate the need for a trial, because of what is known as an irreconcilable conflict of interest.

In addition to Paul Butler, there is also John Mahoney.

He is another lawyer who appear in the lawsuit, and it is revealed that he has some skeletons in his closet. Nic Cage’s character even asks him to do some ghost writing for him at one point. Mr. Butcher is the most interesting character because he is an expert on the law and is called upon to defend the sue in a personal capacity, which he does brilliantly.

The one major event that occurs at the end of the movie is the trial itself.

Attorneys for both sides appear before the judge to present their case. Nic Cage is the opposing lawyer, while Butler and Mahoney are the plaintiffs. This is when it gets interesting as the judge begins to question the lawyers about their representation, and ends up killing two birds with one stone by declaring that they are unfit to represent the other side because of conflicts of interest.

One interesting part of this movie is after the verdict is announced, Butler calls the two lawyers and tells them that he will be replacing them in the case.

They try to persuade him not to, but Butler knows better. Eventually, he ends up hiring them anyway and even persuading his friend Don Ed Lowe to join them as a legal assistant. It ends up taking Lowe almost all the way through the trial.

The lawyers eventually turn against each other and try to get rid of the case, but Nic Cage manages to save the day by using his knowledge of the law to get the two lawyers to admit their errors. The movie ends with the plaintiff winning the case and forcing the defense to take a defeatist stance.

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