Madison County State’s Attorney Appoints New Members

Emily Johnson Nielsen is a new member of the Madison County State’s Attorney’s Office. Most recently, she was managing partner at Hunter & Johnson, P.C. in Alton. A native of Godfrey, she earned her bachelor’s degree from Washington University in St. Louis and her Juris Doctor from Southern Illinois University School of Law. She is a member of the Madison County Bar Association, Illinois State Bar Association, and Missouri Bar.


In November, voters in Madison County elected Rodney McLaughlin for a fifth term as Madison County State’s Attorney. McLaughlin was previously a deputy prosecutor for Marion County, Delaware County, and Hamilton City. He graduated from Indiana University School of Law, Indianapolis, and the National District Attorneys Career Prosecutor Course. In addition to his successful criminal defense work, McLaughlin has served on the faculty of the National Advocacy Center and is a member of its Executive Board.

Before becoming Madison County State’s Attorney, Rodney spent nine years in the police department in Anderson, Indiana. While there, he spent six years on patrol and later was promoted to Criminal Investigations. While working in Anderson, he fought in the Anderson Police Department and won the Police Department’s Officer of the Year Award, based on a majority vote of officers. Rodney also earned a Bachelor of Science, Master of Arts, and Doctor of Jurisprudence degree. In addition to that, he graduated from the Indianapolis Police Department’s Criminal Investigation School.


Judge Scott Norrick recently dismissed a lawsuit filed by Cummings against the town of Anderson. The lawsuit accused Cummings of using a racial slur to describe a suspect. Defendant Cummings was a police officer in Anderson for 15 years before graduating from law school. While in law school, he took the bar exam and became a licensed attorney. He also maintained his employment as an Anderson police officer.

Defendant Cummings was elected as Madison County State’s Attorney in 1994 and appointed Defendant Napier to serve as his liaison officer. The liaison officer ensures that all police reports are logged into the prosecutor’s file. In February 1996, Cummings re-charged Mr. Goudy with murder and issued an arrest warrant. However, Mr. Napier and Cummings disagreed with Mr. Lawler’s decision to drop charges. As a result, they began their campaign to replace Mr. Lawler as Madison County’s State’s Attorney.


Chad Loughery, Madison County State’s attorney, has recently been appointed the new First Assistant to Tom Haine. He has worked at the State’s Attorney’s office for 14 years and will have general duties over all of the attorneys. Loughery has experience prosecuting crimes, as he has represented clients in several high-profile cases. Loughery has a background in criminal defense and is committed to ensuring that justice is served in Madison County.

Loughery also appointed three new attorneys to the State’s Office, one of whom is a former private practice attorney. Andrew Carruthers, who has worked for eight years in private practice, will oversee outside litigation and represent county officials in court. He will also advise the County Board on legal matters. Andrew Carruthers also comes from private practice and will be the new chief of the Civil Division.


Lauren Maricle, a former St. Louis attorney and former assistant state’s attorney, is the new chief of the Violent Crimes Unit. She has spent eight years in the State’s Attorney’s Office and will organize and manage the unit’s trial work. Andrew Carruthers, a private practice attorney, will be the new chief of the Civil Division. In addition to prosecuting felony cases, he will handle county representation and oversee outside litigation.

Maricle has extensive experience in corporate matters, including tax issues. He enjoys helping clients achieve their business goals. While she is from the Bethalto area, she lived with the accused, Jason Witcher, in Alabama. The two were arrested in Hazelwood, Missouri after they were caught together. The prosecutor argued that Witcher wanted the car Yates owned, but instead methodically executed every human inside Yates’ home. McMillan was a co-defendant, but the defense attorney Steve Griffen attempted to blame McMillan. However, the prosecutors tied Witcher to the gun and said he made incriminating statements to police while in jail.


Clarissa T. Berry, Madison County State’s Attorney, was re-elected to her office on November 5, 2019. Her current term ends on December 31, 2023. Her staff, Wade Gilbert and Alex Hamilton are here to help you. They are grateful for your trust and vouch for their commitment to the community. Please consider contacting them if you have a legal matter. They will be happy to answer your questions.

Hudson argues that the trial court made a reversible error by refusing to allow a motion for a separate trial. In his motion, defendant Hudson sets forth a written statement admitting to the crime, implicating his co-defendants, and acknowledging that he was working with the FBI. Hudson argues that the written statement was prejudicial and he would suffer undue prejudice if it were used against him.

Divisions of office

The Divisions of Office for Madison County State’s Attorney have new leadership. Former assistant state’s attorney Chad Loughery will now become the first assistant, having previously served as assistant state’s attorney. Loughery will have oversight of all attorneys in the office, including the chief of the violent crimes unit. Both will be directing important upcoming trials. Chad Loughery is now the first assistant to State’s Attorney Tom Haine.

Civil Division. The Civil Division is responsible for enforcing the laws of all courts, including small claims court. The office also serves the public, serving notices, subpoenas, and eviction warrants. It also collects monies through income executions. The Madison County Sheriff is also authorized to seize property, and proceeds from its sale go toward satisfying judgments. While the Civil Division oversees criminal cases, the divisions of the office of Madison County State’s Attorney also deal with non-criminal court processes.

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