Is My Lawsuit Against the Blue Cross Blue Shield in Time For Them to Apply?

Is the Blue Cross Blue Shield lawsuit against Bluefield Insurance company real? Blue Cross has formed a corporate entity in the state of Georgia. In July 2021, Blue Cross reached a record breaking $2.677 billion settlement in multidimensional class-action lawsuit against dozens of insurance companies and their agents. Well, it looks like this case is not going away any time soon.

On September 11, a Blue Cross agent was fatally shot outside a Comino, GA motel while shopping at an outdoor mall. Later that day, the suspect entered a Hanaoka, IL store and fired multiple rounds into the store killing one employee and injuring several more. Several other employees were also injured during the attack, which took place around closing time. According to police accounts, the suspect then drove away in a white SUV.

This is just one of the latest incidents in which a major insurer has been involved in a legal suit. Last year, another shooting happened at the hands of an individual who had been working for the Blue Cross. This individual was killed when he attempted to stop another vehicle from speeding on I-70. It was later determined that the driver, who was a member of the Blue Cross, did not have a valid business license. The claim was later dropped but not before the first Blue Cross employee who was in the car was severely injured in the accident.

What is the lesson here? Well, the lesson is simple: if you are planning to join the Blue Cross Class-Action lawsuit, make sure that you read the fine print of your settlement agreement very carefully. You need to know exactly what the insurer is agreeing to do as part of the settlement. It is also important to realize that there will be a substantial court award to provide compensation for your losses. Do not expect a large initial settlement; in fact, many plaintiffs who have received substantial awards have wound up with smaller settlements than they would have if they had gone to court and pursued a traditional lawsuit. Remember, this is all done on your behalf by the very companies that are causing you damage.

So, what should you do now? The easiest way to answer this question is to contact Blue Cross. If you live in Prince George’s or Annapolis, Maryland, for example, you can call them directly and ask about their two settlement classes. If you live elsewhere or have friends or family in other cities, contact the local Office of the Comptroller ofoles to find out more information. This will provide you with helpful information and options about how to proceed with your lawsuit.

One of the things that can often be done to avoid being sued by the Blue Cross is to enroll in a case management program, which will allow you to manage your case after it has been filed. Many plaintiffs find that their claim does not go as far as they expected, and this often leads to them being able to enroll in one of the Blue Cross’ lawsuit management plans. Some plans will pay for expenses such as depositions, witnesses, attorney fees, and other legal costs, while others will simply cover the filing fees. Still others will give a lump sum amount to the plaintiff, which can be used to pay for any expenses that arise. Whatever your needs may be, it is important to review your options and to contact your lawsuit provider as soon as possible.

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