Freedom Industries Class Action Lawsuit

Freedom Industries is a company that specializes in natural and organic based health and wellness supplements. There have been several class action lawsuits regarding the effects of Freedom Industries’ products on consumers.

Class action lawsuits are a powerful weapon in the consumer’s arsenal against corporations. Through a class action lawsuit, members can take legal recourse against the manufacturer of a product if they are subject to injury as the result of the use or non-use of the product. Class action lawsuits also bring into sharp focus the individual rights of the people involved in the case.

Freedom Industries Class Action Lawsuit

The Freedom Industries class action lawsuit comes from a Lawsuit filed by the “St. Louis” Lawsuit Exchange and their affiliated St. Louis, Missouri Lawsuit Support Group. The complaint in this Lawsuit says that Freedom Industries knowingly sold an illegal drug known as Ethylene Diamine, which was falsely and aggressively marketed as a dietary supplement.

The Lawsuit further says that the company knew that the drug was banned in several countries including Canada and the United States. This illegal marketing of the product caused thousands of consumers to suffer injury or have their lives put in jeopardy because of the illegal activities of the company. Many died as a direct result of using Ethylene Diamine.

Freedom Industries was also accused of fraudulently labeling the health and wellness product, labeling it as “100% All Natural”.

Class actions lawsuits are filed on the basis of false claims in Class Action Lawsuits, such as this, and any other case that involve or rely on the defense that a company’s product was actually manufactured lawfully. These lawsuits require medical professionals to examine the contents of a product and draw conclusions based on the ingredients present in the ingredients of the product.

Class action lawsuits also make it easier for people to receive compensation for their losses or for the financial losses they have suffered as a result of the defendant’s wrongful behavior.

These suits also help put a price on companies’ behaviors that put their health and well being at stake. People filing suit can also recover damages for various medical issues that they have suffered as a direct result of the defendant’s wrongful acts.

Any person who intends to file a suit must first establish that the defendant is financially or legally liable for the plaintiff’s injuries.

There are two classifications of claims that the lawsuit can be filed under: negligence or strict liability. The plaintiff has to prove both negligence and strict liability in order to obtain compensation for their suffering. There are other factors that determine who will be granted the maximum compensation if they win their case. These include the amount of damage inflicted and the financial losses suffered by the defendant.

There is many Class Action Lawsuits that is related to health and wellness products.

Some of the most famous ones include the Blue Cross Class Action Lawsuit, against the marketers of the popular health and weight loss product, Acai berry. Also, if you are a woman who has been affected by a defective product and suffered from health issues as a result, you can pursue a Freedom Industries Class Action Lawsuit against the manufacturer of the product.

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