Flagyl Lawsuit

A Flagyl lawsuit can be a painful ordeal to go through. You see, most people that suffer from this condition have no idea what it actually is. They might end up going to a doctor only to learn they have this condition, which is caused by taking Flagyl. Flagyl is an anti-depressant and can easily be considered an over the counter medication. It is also used to treat such things as acne and high blood pressure. The side effects are almost endless and the fact that you need a prescription for this type of drug just makes it that much worse.

You may find out in your Flagyl lawsuit that it was prescribed to you falsely by a doctor. You might discover that the doctor’s family ran a medical billing company for Flagyl and they helped create this innocent-looking product to take advantage of people who don’t even have these type of conditions. That is right, some people who have suffered from this condition have discovered that the reason for their rash isn’t because of taking Flagyl but because of something that happened prior to taking the drug. What ever the case may be, these are the side effects you can expect to face.

The first side effects you will experience after taking Flagly are nervousness, difficulty breathing, fast heart rate, extreme dry mouth and upset stomach. These are common symptoms and signs that should be warning enough for you to stop using the drug immediately. Flagly should never be taken in conjunction with other medications or substances. If you do, your health will be at risk.

Many people who use Flagly do not realize that the drug could also be responsible for them losing their sense of taste and their ability to recognize colors. In addition, Flagly can cause weight gain, fatigue, blurry vision, dizziness, blurred vision, blurred or double vision, dry mouth and frequent urination. These are all very serious side effects and if you have any of these symptoms you should contact a Flagyl lawsuit lawyer immediately.

It is always important to remember that even though the Food and Drug Administration approves drugs for many different illnesses and conditions, they are not without faults. If a medication is improperly used or used in combination with other medications it can lead to dangerous side effects. There are many cases where people have filed lawsuits against companies for wrongful death because the drug caused the victims to pass away. With this being the case you need to be extremely careful when using Flagly and you need to let only the doctor prescribe it.

Don’t let anything stop you from going through with your Flagly lawsuit. Although you may lose sleep at night wondering if it will affect your chances of winning the suit, you have nothing to lose. Keep everything in perspective and know that even though the odds may seem overwhelming there is a chance you will prevail. Flagly Lawsuits can help you get the compensation you deserve.

  1. After flagyl I got candida over grown. Celiac disease. I wish they would ban this medication. This medication has changed my life forever.

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