Comcast’s Class Action Lawsuit

Class Action Lawsuit Against Comcast

Comcast’s class action lawsuit will most likely be a class-action lawsuit. Class-action lawsuits are when many people sue one another to make a claim against a company for the same type of alleged wrongdoing. In this case, Comcast would be sued because they are responsible for bad service to their subscribers. Comcast is a large cable and phone company that provide many things to its subscribers including high-speed Internet and cable television. The subscribers are upset with Comcast because they have been repeatedly turned down for service.

This class action lawsuit could make a lot of money for attorneys.

Attorneys who represent clients in a Comcast class action lawsuit stand to make quite a bit of money if the suit gets ruled in their favor. For instance, they would receive a percentage of the money that was paid by Comcast to customers who have been turned down for service. Additionally, Comcast has indicated that they may offer discounts to clients who sign up for more than one cable or Internet service from them. That could mean an additional percentage of the money they earn from such clients.

An attorney who represents clients in a Comcast class action lawsuit would also stand to make a bundle of cash if the lawsuit were to settle out of court.

Such settlements usually occur at trial, because defendants feel comfortable negotiating for a lesser amount than what they seek in a lawsuit. Comcast would likely present a settlement figure in a lawsuit to try to settle the matter quickly, rather than go to trial. Settlements like this one would not go back on the books of the Comcast class action lawsuit, but would remain on the public record.

A Comcast class action lawsuit would be quite different from other lawsuits filed by customers.

It has special issues that distinguish it from other lawsuits. For instance, the Comcast Corporation’s behavior toward customers would give grounds for a lawsuit. The company has been found negligent in a number of different ways. For instance, Comcast was fined $PDF millions by the Federal Communications Commission for censoring Internet traffic. This action had a major impact on the way in which many people get access to the Internet.

Another class action lawsuit involving Comcast refers to a customer who suffered bad service.

This case was ruled on in a Washington State court and awarded a massive sum of money to a Washington State plaintiff. The court found that Comcast was responsible for not keeping its network secure enough, causing the outage of many websites. A representative of the class would have been responsible for that issue, if she or he had turned around and did what the company should have done. Had that person only been responsible for a few percent of the problems that plague the company, that case might have been resolved. However, the class action lawsuit forced Comcast to shell out millions of dollars to resolve the problem.

It’s unlikely that any other case will have anything similar to the Comcast class action lawsuit.

Many people are mad at the lack of communication from Comcast. That’s understandable, but something as fundamental as an Internet connection can be hard to maintain. For that reason, when it comes to class action lawsuits, you’ll probably want to try filing in Florida. While other states have their own laws regarding class action lawsuits, they tend to favor plaintiffs in Florida. The same goes for filing a complaint in federal court: Florida residents are far more likely to succeed in getting their lawsuits resolved in federal court, making them far more likely to receive monetary compensation.

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