Class Action Lawsuit Against Statin Drugs

This class action lawsuit is challenging the FDA’s approval of statin drugs. The lawsuit involves a class of more than twenty-five thousand individuals who believe that the FDA did not properly evaluate the health risks associated with these drugs. The class action lawsuit was filed on behalf of those who have experienced, either directly or indirectly, the side effects of these drugs. These include cardiac arrest, rashes, cognitive impairment, gastrointestinal complications, paralysis, and more.

One class of drugs is statin A which is given to people with high cholesterol and to those at risk for cardiovascular disease. The drug is also prescribed for patients undergoing liver transplant. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), this class of drugs can cause heart attack and stroke. Statin A and other similar drugs have been linked to an increased risk of heart failure, a condition that ultimately leads to death.

The plaintiffs in the lawsuit are asking for compensation for suffering, disability, loss of enjoyment, and funeral expenses that have resulted from these drugs. The FDA claims that it was not negligent in approving statin A. The courts, however, are considering different factors when deciding whether or not the FDA was at fault. One factor is how the FDA approved the drug. The manufacturer of statin A had a contract with the Food and Drug Administration that dictating exactly how the drug would be approved. Other factors considered by the courts include the fact that the manufacturer knew of the risks of heart problems even before the FDA approved it and still went ahead with the release of the drug.

The FDA has also been accused of trying to cover up the link between statin use and various side effects. Several class action lawsuits have been filed in the past few years as a result of those links. An article published by the Wall Street Journal in 2021 described a study that was performed on more than one thousand men that were undergoing surgery. The study showed a twenty fold increase in strokes that were caused by the use of statins. Although the Wall Street Journal report reported that the class action lawsuit would probably not be successful, other news sources have since reported that there is a strong possibility of the lawsuit being successful.

The FDA has released statements claiming that the class action lawsuit against statin drugs would be pointless. The FDA contends that all of the studies that have been done on the subject so far have been either inconclusive or flawed in some way. They claim that all but one of the studies was either not adequately controlled or did not test the proper groups of people. As the FDA points out, it does not have the power to stop drug companies from releasing certain medications if research shows that they are dangerous. If a doctor prescribes a medication for a patient, he or she has the authority to make that decision. That is why the FDA must rely on doctors and institutions outside of the FDA to test drugs.

The FDA’s statements come at a time when more individuals are using statins to lower their cholesterol levels. The lawsuit may just be the beginning, and if it is successful, doctors could be sued for prescribing these drugs without first conducting adequate tests. The class action lawsuit against statin drugs represents the first time that this has been seen. As we have mentioned previously, there are many lawsuits currently pending in courts all across the country. If you feel that you were the result of a defected drug, you should speak with a qualified personal injury attorney immediately. A good lawyer will be able to determine whether or not your case has a solid chance of winning, and will help you move forward with it.

  1. I was taking pravastatin. I went to a heart specialist for my leg was swelling he said I was in good shape, but I had a few leaky heart valves. I was also taking amlodipine for blood pressure and I was taken prilos for years. The Dr specialist then put me on atorvastatin. I believe these products contributed to my heart a few days later.

    1. “In 2002, my nursing career (came to a) screaching halt, as I was admitted to UW Madison for a 28 day Alzheimer’s like hospital stay. Brain MRI revealed innumerable lesions scattered throughout the white matter of my brain, biopsy revealed autophagic vaccines, electron microscopy of mitochondrial DNA anomalies most closely resembling Mitochondrial Encephalopathy with Lactic Acidosis and Stroke-Like Episodes (MELAS). I was to transfer to a nursing home at age 34. When a visiting professor from John’s Hopkins was asked to evaluate me, and when he did, he started me on a mitochondrial cocktail consisting of several vitamins, amino acids and 2 key supplements CoQ10, and L Carnitine, within 24 hours of my first dose, I recognized my wife for the first time in almost a month. I improved where I could discharge home with aggressive rehab therapy. Several weeks after, as I was relearning simple ADL’s (Activities of Daily Living), I learned of the UCSD statin effects study, with Dr Beatrice Golomb MD PhD, and I enrolled. I sent my medical records, and when the study concluded, she wrote it was the conclusion of the Study, that Lipitor was the causal contributor to the apoptosis (holes in my brain), and my resultant disability. It’s been 19 years. And I still have substantial cognitive deficits, muscle pain etc etc.” – Testimony of Christopher Wunsch

    1. I was wondering if you could help? Who would I contact to get information on compensation for a statin that paralyzed my husband?

      1. It almost killed me and I am still suffering horribly after 5 years of stopping the medication. Had to have both hips replaced… Before Prevastatin I was jogging 3 miles a day at the track. In 6 months after taking Prevastatin I couldn’t walk.

  2. I met three people this week whose husbands or brothers died after 90 days or less on Atorvistatin from muscle breakdown resulting in Kidney failure. Rhabdomyolisis.

  3. I was injured by statins 2014. Two lawfirms told me I would not be able to sue hospital or doctors for 80 mg. Statin. I had widowmaker. When I tried to get help from doctors…I was constantly told statins do not do that. No help for me anywhere.

  4. I was healthy with no issues. My PCP increased pravastatin to 80 mg and I did not question why. Days after I could not stand from sitting, my legs were weak and felt heavy and my gait changed. I have now been diagnosed with ALS all within 5 months.

  5. I started taking A for keratin and after about ten days I was having weakness, numbness and tingling in both arms. It was such a horrible and helpless feeling. It started going into my back and legs. I stopped the statins. It’s taking A long time to go back to normal. Ima worried there will be permanent damage.

  6. I believe after taking atorvastatin for several years it caused the pains and weakness in my legs that I still suffer from today. I also developed retroperitoneal fibrosis in 2018 and nearly lost my left kidney. I am now to suffer the pains for the rest of my life. Statins are a life sentence of doom.

  7. In 2002, my nursing career and to a s reaching halt, as I was admitted to UW Madison for a 28 day alzheimer’s like hospital stay. Brain mri revealed innumerable lesions scattered throughout the white matter of my brain, biopsy revealed autophagic vaccines, electron microscopy of mitochondrial DNA anomolies most closely resembling Mitochondrial Encephalopathy with Lactic Acidosis and Stroke-Like Episodes (MELAS). I was to transfer to a nursing home st age 34. When a visiting professor from John’s Hopkins was asked to evaluate me, and when he did, he started me on a mitochondrial cocktail consisting of several vitamins, amino acids and 2 key supplements CoQ10, and L Carnitine, with 24 hours of my first dose, I recognized my wife for the first time I almost a month.i improved where I could discharge home with aggressive rehab therapy. Several weeks after, as I was re learning simple ADL’s, I learned on the UCSD statin effects study, with Dr Beatrice Golomb MD PhD, and I enrolled, I sent my medical records , and when the study concluded, she wrote it was the conclusion of the Study, that lipitor was the causal contributor to the apoptosis(holes in my brain), and my resultant disability. It’s been 19 years. And I still have substantial cognitive deficits, muscle pain etc etc.

    1. Why are extremely toxic statins on the market? Profits for drug cartels who have their reps working alongside and inside the FDA, CDC and WHO.

  8. I am 53 y.o. male that had a quad cardiac bypass in September, 2013 and was prescribed 40mg Atorvastatin, but felt horrible from it. So they ended up giving me the lowest dosage possible (10mg) that my body could withstand and have been on that since then. Only months after being first prescribed Atorvastatin, I developed tennis elbow in my left arm and the arm weakened. It was odd for me to have that, but I just thought it was aging and losing strength, when I got an injection for the tennis elbow in 2014. In 2017, I went on SSDI due to multiple other previous health problems (T1 Diabetes, Hypothyroidism, High BP, Heart Disease, and a crippled leg in 1994) and I didn’t understand how quickly I had rapidly declined in strength, ability, and overcoming medical and disability to keep going. I basically had to concede that I was not ten foot tall and bulletproof anymore, which was new and odd for me. All my medical issues were crashing on me and going wrong. After getting on disability, I also got a hip replacement and knee injections from the damage by my 1994 accident, but I kept declining with my strength and ability, but I again just passed it off to getting old. In fact, I actually could drive myself around and do everything myself still 2 days after my hip replacement in 2019. Late in 2020, my left hand and arm started losing strength rapidly and it felt like my shoulders were locking up and it became very difficult to put shirts and a coat on. In 2021, my strength and ability declined rapidly and I was constantly exhausted and out of energy, and it wasn’t from other previous health problems. After going through my Primary Doctor and a PT evaluation, I was sent to a neurologist for a nerve test and I was diagnosed with ALS October 27th, 2021. I was getting to the point a week ago that I was extremely close to permanently being in a wheelchair from my legs losing strength to hold myself up, my left arm was atrophied and basically useless, and I felt the ALS start attacking the trunk of my body. I ran across numerous internet hits associated with the coincidence between Atorvastatin and ALS recently, and it all clicked with my memory and how my health declined after I went on Atorvastatin.

    So I stopped taking Atorvastatin on January 22, 2022. That day, it felt like I had my legs back under me and I was no longer losing rapidly to ALS, and each day after I continue to feel a lot better without feeling very weak and wobbly in getting around. Nor am I desperately clinging to something to keep me held up. My plan was to stay off of Atorvastatin for a week and see how I was doing, before presenting any of it to my doctors, which I already know won’t be popular because they are only trained to ‘treat’ medical problems instead of resolving anything. But I am already convinced what caused my ALS, strength loss, and ability loss for nearly a decade. And I am already thankful and hopeful about at regaining my strength and ability to greatly improve walking and moving around a lot better, even though my legs and left arm have still been left very weakened and atrophied by the wasting thus far from the ALS and Atorvastin causing it. I know it has only been a few days, but the difference between deteriorating and starting to feel stronger and stable has been that dramatic for me since I quit Atorvastatin.

  9. I have a client who receives IVIG monthly for statin induced polymyositis. Can she become a member of the class action law suit?

  10. My husband became totally paralyzed in January of 2020. We were referred to a neurologist who did extensive tests including a muscle biopsy at UCLA. He was diagnosed with a very rare disease called Statin Induced Necrotizing Autoimmune Myopathy. This disease was cause by a statin drug he had been on for years called Atorvastatin.. They started him on IVIG infusions once a month, they were Gammagard infusions to give strength in extremities, he did them 3 days a month at hospital. He very slowly regained enough strength in legs so he could walk again. It has ruined our life. He can no longer work, and the treatments have a $1500.00 co pay every month.I know for a fact that he is due compensation but don’t know where to go. Please can anyone help us??

  11. I started taking Atorvastatin on 11/9/15. By mid January of 2016 I was having muscle aches, back pain and stiffness. By the summer of 2016 I had shoulder pain, back pain, neck pain. I got continuously worse. I contacted the FDA and filed a complaint.

  12. Both of my parents had massive health issues, beginning shortly after taking Lipitor. Both were debilitated, crippled and died before their time. The odd thing was that my fathers heart and cardiovascular condition deteriorated AFTER taking it. He was fine up until that time. After 4 years on statins he THEN needed a triple bypass and valve replacement. I found out later that statins quadruple blood calcium levels causing arterial calcifications. My mom was put into a wheel chair after 5 years on Atorvistatin.

  13. A friend who was in good health visited a doctor and prescribed Atorvastatin. Within a few days, she was unable to walk. She fell onto the floor and injured her hip while trying to walk from her bedroom to the restroom. I just happened to visit her that morning and I found her on the floor in a pool of liquids. I helped her onto the bed and then had to carry her into the restroom so she could get cleaned up and put on dry clothes. When I examined her medications, I found the new prescription bottle of Atorvastatin and I looked up its side effects. She has ongoing hip and back pain along with cognitive impairments and occasional rashes, heart pains and muscle weakness from those days of taking Atorvastatin. People, look up the SIDE EFFECTS of every prescription drug before you take it!

  14. I had heart arrythmia (premature ventricular contractions, aka arrythmia) for years while on a specific statin unaware the two were related. When I stopped the statin my heart arrythmia went away. I was also given another type of statin related drug for several days while I was on the first statin and it caused severe cramping in my hands and feet and I immediately went off that statin.

  15. my special need son was given metoprolol on 1 blood pressure reading with no disclosure of possible side effects and not even a 5 day blood pressure check. 10 days later my beautiful son was dead. this quack showed no remorse and after 2 congressional complaints and a reachout to the fda i was told 1% of the population had to die to get this off the market and protect americans a year later this same department of the hospital left me on a floor fighting the same category drug even after i told them i was fighting adverse reactions to a medicine i was given. they just left me there bacheryl1029@comcast. net.iam one of the founders of patient safety reporting in military hospitals.

  16. I also took a statin drug about four years ago and I believe that it caused me to loose muscle which caused me to break my back for a third time. I have not been able to gain muscle back and have also suffered a stroke. I am interested in talking about my time off from work, I’m a school teacher here in Mountain Home, Arkansas. My quality of life has been greatly affected and I can no longer run due to muscle loss.

  17. For more than 20 years multiple studies have shown that statin treatment may cause many serious side effects. In 2015 we published a review about that. Just seek PubMed or Google with the following words: “How statistical deception created the appearance that statins are safe and effective in primary and secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease”
    Uffe Ravnskov, MD, PhD, independent reseacher

  18. My husband was diagnoised with Statin Induced Necrotizing Autoimmune Myopathy. He has been taking IVIG infusions for the past three years. He first took them every day for 5 days and once a week for 7 months and has been taking infusions every 2 weeks for 2 1/2 years. He will have to continue this for the rest of his life due to the damage the statins did to his muscles. Is there any compensation he could get from the pharmaceutical company

  19. I took atorvastatin for a short time it almost killed me i was bedfast for a month before i quit taking it almost lost my leg and was in pain bad until i quit taking it took two weeks to get it out of my system i would like to join this lawsuit

  20. I have suffered many permanent health problems and side effects from statin drug. I have had heart problems, have had to have.both hips replaced, body cannot make or regulate hormones due to vitamin d absorbtion and metabolism, gastrointestinal issues, muscle damage, chronic inflammation. Before statins, I had zero issues, just high cholesterol and nothing else. Please help. I cannot afford all the ongoing medical bills and really could use some help.

  21. I took Lipitor 80mg for about 30 years. 2 years ago I developed severe pain in the right leg. When the Lipitor was removed the pain was greatly reduced. However both the right and left legs are impaired to the point that some days walking is difficult.

  22. I developed Necrotizing Autoimmune Myopathy (NAM) after taking Atorvastatin for two years. My legs and arms were so weak that I had to pull myself up stairs. I could not stand up by myself when I was down on my hands and knees. It took almost six months to diagnosis the NAM. I see Neurologists in Chicago and also go to Mayo Clinic several times a year for treatments. I have been on IVIG treatments for 3-4 days for 6 hours per day in a hospital per month for the past three years. I also take a number of daily and weekly drugs at home.
    I was healthy and walked and worked out for an hour per day before this. This condition has pretty much consumed my life for the past three years.
    How do I become part of a lawsuit. Is there a law suit specifically related to NAM?
    Thank you

  23. Hello, I took Mevacor for ten years and suffered with severe muscle loss and weakness. Not 12 years later I was put on Repatha, another Cholesterol medication and again I’m experiencing the same type of muscle issues. So I’m wondering if you handle lawsuits for either one of these drugs?


    Greg Lustig

  24. I took statin drugs for years that led to severe muscle atroph y, and pain. Can you help me get compensation for loss of job, loss of being able to exercize and enjoy life??

  25. Re: Response to Lawsuit Regarding Atorvastatin-induced Neuropathy and Job Loss

    I hope this letter finds you well. I am writing in response to the lawsuit filed against the pharmacy regarding the development of neuropathy after taking Atorvastatin in 2017, which subsequently led to the loss of my truck driving job due to sharp pains in my feet and the inability to feel the pedals while driving.

    First and foremost, I want to express my empathy for the challenges I have faced as a result of my health condition. The experience of living with neuropathy and the subsequent loss of my job has been incredibly difficult, and I understand the frustration and financial burden it has caused.

    It is true that I was prescribed Atorvastatin in 2017 by my healthcare provider to address my high cholesterol levels. Following their advice, I took the medication as directed, hoping to improve my health and well-being. However, shortly after beginning the treatment, I started experiencing adverse effects, including tingling, numbness, and sharp pains in my feet.

    The severity of these symptoms increased over time, affecting my ability to perform daily activities, including driving. As a truck driver, the inability to feel the pedals and the constant pain made it unsafe for me to continue operating a commercial vehicle, which ultimately resulted in the loss of my job.

    While I understand that legal action has been taken to seek compensation for the damages incurred, it is essential to consider that I have not only suffered physical and financial hardships but also endured emotional distress throughout this ordeal. The loss of my livelihood and the impact it has had on my overall well-being cannot be understated.

    I firmly believe that the responsibility for these circumstances lies with the manufacturers of Atorvastatin and those involved in the distribution and promotion of the medication. As a patient, I trusted that Atorvastatin would provide the intended benefits without severe adverse effects. Unfortunately, this was not the case, and I have been left to bear the consequences.

    It is my hope that through this legal process, a fair and just resolution can be reached. I seek compensation for the medical expenses incurred as a result of the neuropathy, the loss of my job and subsequent financial hardships, and the emotional distress caused by this entire situation. I believe it is only fair to hold the responsible parties accountable for the consequences of their actions.

    I appreciate your attention to this matter and your efforts in seeking a resolution. I am willing to provide any necessary documentation, including medical records, employment history, and testimonies from healthcare professionals, to support my case and ensure a fair outcome.

    Please let me know if there are any additional details or information required. I look forward to a prompt and equitable resolution of this matter.

    Thank you for your time and understanding.



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