Champaign County State’s Attorney

Are you interested in becoming the Champaign County State’s Attorney? Learn more about the office’s mission and qualifications. Also, learn about Julia Rietz and Lauren McQueen’s backgrounds. Read on to learn about this critical position. Let’s look at how the office’s mission and qualifications differ from other attorney positions. Let’s move on to the Qualifications. The State’s Attorney is an independent, nonpartisan public servant who represents the interests of the people of Champaign County.

Julia Rietz

Julia Rietz has served as the State’s Attorney for Champaign County since 2004. She graduated from the University of Illinois College of Law in 1993. During her early legal career, she worked as a prosecutor in the State Attorney’s Office where she focused on child abuse cases. After graduating, she worked as an attorney in private practice in Urbana, concentrating on family law.

The Office of the State’s Attorney is tasked with fulfilling the statutory duties of prosecutors while minimizing the burden on taxpayers. The office is committed to serving victims and the community while adhering to the highest ethical standards. In the last election, the office lost nearly half of its funding, but this recent scandal has caused a backlash. Now, the question is, what can be done about it?

Lauren McQueen

Lauren McQueen, the newly elected Champaign County State’s Attorney, was born and raised in Champaign. She graduated from Central High School in 2008 and attended the Southern Illinois University School of Law. She previously earned a Bachelor of Science in Political Science from the University of Illinois, where she was an active member of the Marching Illini and Illinois Basketball Band. During law school, McQueen participated in a domestic violence clinic, where she gained valuable knowledge of the law.

Office’s mission

The Office of the State’s Attorney is responsible for prosecuting criminal cases in Circuit Court, initiating dependency and abuse cases, and defending actions brought by and against County officials. The State’s Attorney also serves as a legal advisor and interpreter of the law for the County. The office also advocates for victims of crime and abides by the principles of restorative and balanced justice. It has two primary missions: to protect the community from criminal misdeeds and to protect the public and its citizens from injustice.

The Office of the State’s Attorney in Champaign has a mission to reduce crime and fight violent criminals. In this regard, it focuses on three key initiatives: the Youth Advocacy Center and the Will County State’s Attorney’s Office. The latter helps victims of crimes such as sexual abuse, domestic violence, and other crimes by providing them with the resources they need to fight back.


If you’re a Champaign County resident, it’s important to consider the qualifications of the state’s attorney in your community. The role of the state’s attorney serves the public interest, representing the government in court and handling legal affairs. It coordinates the activities of the Grand Jury, reviews case presentations, and provides legal advice to the county. The Office of the State’s Attorney adheres to the highest ethical standards and is accountable to the public.

The office of the state’s attorney has multiple functions, including initiating dependency, abuse, and juvenile petitions. It also defends actions taken against and prosecuting County officers and offers legal interpretations of the law. However, unlike other offices, the State’s Attorney cannot initiate or file lawsuits on behalf of individuals, nor can he or she advise the public on the law. To qualify, candidates should have a background in criminal justice and excellent organizational, technology, and communication skills.

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