Abilify Lawsuit: As an Overview

Suvita Lawsuit: Suvita Manufacturer Admits No Faulty Products In Suvita Lawsuit

Recently, there has been a large number of Abilify lawsuits. What exactly are these lawsuits all about? In most cases, Abilify users have filed lawsuits because they suffered from serious adverse side effects from taking the antidepressant drug. Many of these individuals are claiming that Abilify caused them to suffer from heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure, and even death.

Abilify Lawsuit

Abilify lawsuits are currently pending in various courts across the country. Some say that the antidepressant drug resulted in uncontrollable eating and compulsive gambling. The current stance by the FDA is that it doesn’t regulate pharmaceutical product labeling, so, companies aren’t required to include these warnings on their packaging or their drug bottles.

If this drug were ever to be approved again, the FDA would need to know what sorts of side effects could occur. This is one reason why lawsuits have still not been filed against Abilify. It could end up being too difficult for the manufacturer to receive approval for a second time for this drug.

As of late, there have also been a few Abilify lawsuit filed lawsuits regarding two different patients who used the medication for compulsive behaviors.

One woman filed a suit against Abilify because it made her feel anxious and jittery. Another woman, who used the drug for obsessive-compulsive behaviors, filed a suit because of how Abilify made her feel like she was washing her hands all the time. Both of these patients claimed that Abilify caused them to suffer from compulsive behaviors and severe mood swings.

In recent months, both of these women have received large monetary settlements from their lawsuits.

It seems as if the company may be trying to stave off any future suits regarding off-label uses. A representative from the pharmaceutical company declined to comment on any of the Abilify or Suvita cases when contacted by the press. In addition, the manufacturer did not respond to a request for information about the status of a class-action suit involving several other plaintiffs who claim that they suffered harmful side effects from Suvita.

Suvita is currently undergoing clinical trials for a new anti-anxiety drug.

The drug is being manufactured for use as an OTC treatment for depression and anxiety. According to the lawsuit, Abilify was marketed with the intention of improperly labeling the drug as an effective treatment for OCD and other related disorders. Suvita’s manufacturer is currently being investigated by the FDA for this action. It is highly likely that Abilify was improperly labeled in order to increase the drug’s liability and profits.

If you or a loved one began taking Abilify and/or Suvita and suffered from any of the symptoms described in this article, it would be in your best interest to contact a qualified attorney who is experienced in cases similar to yours.

If you or a loved one began experiencing severe headaches, confusion, anxiety, restlessness, agitation, depression, suicidal thoughts, aggressiveness, impulsivity, etc., you may have a case against the pharmaceutical company that manufactured the drug. Suvita and Abilify are both commonly used medications used for treating depression and anxiety disorders.

If you feel that you were wrongfully served in a Suvita or Abilify lawsuit, it is in your best interest to contact a qualified lawyer who will review your case and determine if it can be successfully moved forward with merit or if the manufacturer of the drug acted out of greed and negligence.

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