A Stryker Hip Replacement Lawsuit Is Pending

If you suffer from a defective Stryker hip replacement unit, you might be eligible to join the multidistrict Stryker lawsuit. But first, you should track down any other relevant medical documents from physicians, billing records from various hospitals, and other relevant medical records. You will need all this information to file your lawsuit. A Stryker attorney can assist you in preparing your lawsuit and making it successful.

The basis of your lawsuit is negligence on the part of the manufacturer, the distributor, or the store that sold you the defective units.

In many cases, if there was no manufacturing error, the harm done to you was by the product failure. Thus, if you suffered from a direct injury brought about by the Strykers, your lawsuit will seek damages for the direct injuries caused by the hips failing to function properly or the implants not being installed properly. Each case is different, but the Stryker attorneys will argue that whether or not the hip or implants were defective will be a key element in the lawsuit.

It has been found that at least three major manufacturers are liable in the Stryker case.

They are Orthopedics/Proctalgia Inc, Surgical Equipment Inc, and Kiewa Inc. This was the result of an investigation ordered by the state of Minnesota. Although the state of Minnesota ordered a recall and placed restrictions on the sale of certain devices manufactured by these companies, it was not effective. In addition, the State of Minnesota did not take into consideration that even though the recall was effective, the distributors of Stryker appliances are still allowed to sell the units to patients with Isthmic Locomotive Diseases (ILD).

The Stryker attorneys are seeking a substantial amount of compensation on behalf of their client, Mr. Ronaldald C. Koene. Mr. Koene was an ILD patient who was suffering from serious hip and knee pain.

His doctors recommended a Stryker replacement surgery but after paying thousands of dollars for the surgery, his doctors declined to recommend the procedure again. Mr. Koene was not compensated for this loss of income and suffered a stroke which caused him to need another surgery and now he is pursuing a claim for compensation.

There are other victims of improperly designed and manufactured Stryker Hip Replacement Surgeries.

This lawsuit is one of the best ways to obtain financial compensation for the suffering caused by a defective product. The products have been linked to several cases of infections and other complications such as internal bleeding, nerve damage, paralysis, hearing loss, and permanent damage to the soft tissue and organs surrounding the hip replacement surgery. As more suits are received and reviewed, this case may become a precedent setting.

The Stryker manufacturer, GlaxoSmithKline is named as a party in this case.

There is still pending litigation against GlaxoSmithKline regarding their negligence in the design and manufacture of the Stryker devices. A class-action suit was recently filed against GlaxoSmithKline and they are currently facing a class-action lawsuit that claims they knew about the complications associated with the devices yet chose to sell them anyway. It is not known at this time if the company will be facing any additional monetary damages. It is important to remember that these issues are still pending and more people will join the lawsuit as time goes by.

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