A Monitronics Lawsuit Might Is a Headache

A Monitronics lawsuit is when a person files a claim against a telemarketer for irritating their callers with annoying tones, sounds, and even annoying texts. In other words, this means that the telemarketer was using their cell phone or land line to harass the victim. This type of case is usually filed in a federal court in America, as it is more likely to win a settlement there.

It should also be noted that many states have their own laws regarding this matter. However, these laws are generally less stringent than the federal rules. That’s because telemarketing is a form of advertising, which is not regulated by the federal government. Therefore, if a person files a lawsuit under these guidelines, they may actually be able to take the telemarketer to court. Therefore, filing a Monitronics lawsuit is recommended when a cell phone owner receives annoying telephone calls from telemarketers on a regular basis.

Basically, a telemarketer uses their cell phone or land line to contact potential customers. For example, if a company wants to promote a new brand of potato chips, they might send out thousands of coupons for free boxes of chips. The problem comes when the telemarketer does not leave a message after the call is made. They often do not take the time to read the message and instead hang up, upset and frustrated. A Monitronics lawsuit is when a customer does receive a message after dialing a toll free number, and the caller hangs up without leaving a message.

The Telemarketing Association or TAA has advised against blocking telephone numbers, as well as spoofed caller id numbers that are known to be used by telemarketers. Telemarketers know how to use caller id spoofing to obtain the information that they need to harass people. The problem is that these caller id spoofing numbers often conflict with other business rules, such as using the same phone number for customer service calls. This could result in a denial of services or even legal action. Therefore, a company should avoid using these numbers for marketing purposes.

Additionally, many telemarketers are savvy at using recorded line answering machines to contact potential customers. A Monitronics lawsuit can be filed on this type of harassment. The recorded line answering machine usually has pre-recorded recordings that the telemarketer uses to taunt the victim, lie about product information, and generally create a headache for the victim. These recorded lines can be played over again, each time leading the customer to another chilling experience. If one time can be considered harassing, imagine what else can happen.

Telemarketing companies have a very good reputation among consumers. Many of them offer products that improve the quality of life. However, a Monitronics lawsuit could surface if a customer is repeatedly contacted by telemarketers to sell them some product or service, but they are not aware that it came from a company that might be considered illegal. Therefore, when it comes to junk mail or telemarketing, maybe something better is.

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