A Dispute In Walmart Organic Milk

A few years ago, there was a bottled water lawsuit against Walmart. That one issue alone could have cost them millions of dollars. However, this doesn’t appear to be an isolated incident. For their part, Walmart states that it has the best-selling variety of bottled water on the planet. And as one of their leading brand lines.

But the story does not end there. Recently, a member of their customer service team was caught on camera stating that they would check the bottles for lead content. If they found it, they would throw them out. Then, they would return to the store and re-querish all the bottles in line.

This seems wrong to me. Why should they spend the money to manufacture and market bottled water when they are using such inexpensive materials to do so? You see, Walmart is spending millions of dollars on bottled water advertising. Now they want to force retail consumers to pay additional fees to obtain this premium. Yet, the organic milk they are peddling is the same organic milk that we bought at our local grocery store for fifty cents a gallon.

It has been noted in the past that some farmers have resorted to raising cows that produce less milk in order to reduce their costs. They use chemicals to condition the animals, preventing them from producing excessive lactation, thus reducing their overall supply. In turn, the retail market has purchased this reduction in price. Consumers pay more for the organic variety at the grocery store because there are no refunds available due to the fact that the farmer did not follow federal guidelines for their dairy cows. In essence, they have been robbed.

When you shop at WalMart, you will notice that they have eliminated many items from their shelves. Candy, household chemicals, even chips have been removed. They claim to be doing so to provide more value to their customers. Well, if you can’t buy those items in your home state, then perhaps you should start shopping at Home Depot or other stores that cater to the home shopper market.

A lawsuit such as this is unfortunate indeed. It shows a lack of understanding on their part regarding the real organic milk and why it is so expensive. Hopefully, this lawsuit will spur Wal-Mart to bring back some of their items to the shelf. Please consider all this.

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